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'67 Chevy Truck

1967 Chevrolet C20 Pickup


Property of Adondo Added Mar 2010 Location: Tri-Cities Washington

I just bought this truck last week. It's 43 years old, and was a one owner truck. It has about 78,500 original miles. I started out to buy a trash hauling truck, and ended up with this. It is 100% complete, with not even so much as a missing emblem, so I'm going to restore it. The engine is a 327 and the tranny is a 4 speed with granny gear 1st. It's also the early part of the series with the rare small back window.

Basic Stats

10.2 (0.0)


10.3 (+0.1)

Last MPG

10.3 (3/26/10)

Best MPG

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