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Geo Metro Crusier

1996 Geo Metro


Property of badappleny Added May 2014 Location:

The quest for a very high MPG GEO METRO (70mpg's). Block bored 0.020", top line pistons balanced rods and pistons. Compression ratio around 10.25-1. Block decked 0.010". MPG Head milled 0.020", Stainless steel valves, Singh grooves. Cam: Crower "hypermiler" cam (181 duration very strong low rpm compared to the XFI). BP 93 octane. Tranny converted from stock 4.39 to 3.52's with Sunny 155/65/13 tires and 44 PSI tire pressure. A 1.3 (4cyl) flywheel (wish I had the money for the aluminum one). True forced cold air intake system. Full Synthetic 5W30 Oil, Aluminum ultra-light weight under drive pulley, Suntune Econo Vacuum Gauge (Best investment to date), 80/20 grill block, Prius style chin spoiler, Full moon racing disc hub caps wheel covers.

Basic Stats

63.3 (+0.4)


71.3 (+2.8)

Last MPG

71.3 (8/21/14)

Best MPG

  • $0.00 Avg Price/Gallons
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  • $0.000 Avg Price/Mile
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  • 0
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  • 0
  • 7
  • 8
  • 8
  • 9

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City vs Highway Driving

28 averaging 9 per month
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Geo · Metro · 1996


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