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Octy combi 4x4 Fuel-up Log

2007 Skoda Octavia
Property of boxty. Added Oct 20 2014

Showing all fuel-ups and notes

Mar 29 2016

Filled up in applegreen lusk southbound (had put in €5 a little earlier in the day as I was stuck and so stopped at an emo station near monasterboice - didn't look the best so only put in €5. The drove straight to lucan, and after that I popped out to Lidl (just me in car and it was fairly empty.

  • 30.4
  • 14.001
  • €4.23
  • €59.25
  • 36.4

Added by boxty on Mar 30 2016 at 1:57 am

Put €5 diesel in from McGoverns EMO station, Kilneer (near Monasterboice) Co. Louth. Thought I would have enough fuel to get to Lusk but trip computer was estimating only 10kml and car was fullly loaded on way up to Fanad on the Friday so decided not to chance it. Since last fill I had driven around locally in lucan and over and back to ashtown, and then up to Fanad with car fully loaded (3 bikes, 3 bbqs, firepit, loads of bags)

  • 522.6
  • 1.210
  • €4.13
  • €4.99
  • 0.0

Added by boxty on Mar 29 2016 at 2:27 pm · partial

Mar 19 2016

Filled up in Topaz Cavan town ( as I had come from Fanad for a night op - trip computer estimating another 60km but due to time of night/morning and location I opted to fill in Cavan. Car had driven up from Dublin, a few spins round Fanad, then back to Cavan. Car was fully loaded with bits and pieces. After filling I drove back to Lucan.

  • 498.3
  • 13.695
  • €4.24
  • €58.01
  • 36.4

Added by boxty on Mar 19 2016 at 7:36 am

Mar 6 2016

Filled up in Tesco cahir I think on way home from Ballincollig for Cliona's b'day. Car was fully loaded and Maire, Maria, Caoimhe and me.Was driving card. Since last fill, in Applegreen Milford I think, car had driven down from Fanad to Dublin and on to work and

  • 522.0
  • 13.473
  • €3.94
  • €53.10
  • 38.7

Added by boxty on Mar 14 2016 at 4:04 pm

Feb 28 2016

Filled up in Applegreen Milford, octy trip computer was saying I still had 40km left in the tank but filled it for Maire so she wouldn't have to stop. Pump cut out at 51 odd litres but squeezed in another bit and got 52l in. However when I drove off fuel gauge wasn't showing completely full. Drove form Milford back to ballylar.

  • 87.8
  • 13.737
  • €3.89
  • €53.45
  • 6.4

Added by boxty on Feb 28 2016 at 1:58 pm

Dec 12 2015

Since I last filled up, I had no long runs, it was all to and from Home/Ashtown via M50 or alternative routs to avoid toll nas short spins to shops, in and out from hospital etc. Filled up Topaz just off M1 on Lusk rd (when I was out collecting something for Maire from Once Born in Swords. Trip computer was estimating another 10km but I didn't want to risk the motorway when I was so low.

  • 492.1
  • 14.529
  • €4.46
  • €64.84
  • 33.9

Added by boxty on Dec 14 2015 at 7:45 am

Nov 19 2015

Filled up in Brady esso garage on n3/navan rd city bound direction. Trip computer was estimating 10km but decided to fill as I had to drive to Bewleys to collect Ruairi

  • 490.9
  • 14.373
  • €4.54
  • €65.28
  • 34.2

Added by boxty on Nov 23 2015 at 5:12 am

Nov 1 2015

Filled up in Topaz Monanghan on way back from Fanad

  • 484.7
  • 14.265
  • N/A
  • €0.00
  • 34.0

Added by boxty on Nov 23 2015 at 5:16 am

Oct 10 2015

I had done 740km and i was sure it'd make 750km at least however, car seemed to be a little spluttery as if it was very low so I made it to Foxhunter and filled up there rather than risk running out. I then drove home, and on the Saturday evening drove to get groceries and on Sun drove around DIY and carpet shops

  • 464.8
  • 14.397
  • €4.62
  • €66.49
  • 32.3

Added by boxty on Oct 12 2015 at 4:53 am

Sep 26 2015

Filled up in Topaz, Lucan village. Gauge was showing near empty but car had only done 737 km but more city driving than usual. Managed to put in 54.61 by brimming it so in theory there was still 7 litres in the car. After filling up we drove to Kildare village outlet as Maire was meeting Frances, and from there we headed on to Ballincollig (car/boot was empty), we then filled up car with all the baby stuff and drove back. Drove pretty steady throughout but gauge did seem to be going down quicker than usual (from what I rem). By the time we got home gauge was showing only a quarter tank left and estimating 310km (having done 510km), we drove to get groceries, I drove to asto, Maire drove my car to S'ford with Aoife and Siobhnain to check out an xc60 in Spirit, to Milltown to collect stuff for for Aine's hen, then into town and Siobhan drove it home on the sunday when fuel light came on indicating 80km, Maire drove it to school a couple of days as she was going to Coombe after and I was throwing bike in back. On Saturday 10/10/2015, I was drove to Clondalkin to drop in Stained glass panel form front door and on way back car was showing a range of 0km but I thought I should have enough to get to Maxol in Lucan village (even though I passed a cheap Applegreen in Clondalkin, as trip computer was showing that I had covered 740km and i was sure it'd make 750km at least however, car seemed to be a little spluttery as if it was very low so I made it to Foxhunter and filled up there rather than risk running out

  • 458.0
  • 14.426
  • €4.65
  • €67.11
  • 31.7

Added by boxty on Sep 28 2015 at 6:46 am

Aug 23 2015

Filled up in Applegreen, Port Rd, Letterkenny. Had done 800km and tank was estimating another 40km til empty but next station in Republic was Lifford and I knew applegreen was cheap and had subway (I was hungry). Pump cut out at 50 odd but squeezed in 52 and thought I'd try for 53 but it was brimmed at 52.17. When I started car gauge wasn't showing completely full (but it was cos I had brimmed it to point it was spilling). Drove back to Lucan (just me and Maire and full boot), drove steady. No long runs. Drove for short spins for hikes in Dublin mountains, to get groceries a few times, to astro a couple of times, Maire drove it to school and back for one week while her car was laid up beofre we could drop it in. Also the car got serviced. The gauge was showing near empty when car had only done 737km which is way down but then it had been doing shorter spins.

  • 497.1
  • 13.782
  • €4.80
  • €66.15
  • 36.1

Added by boxty on Aug 24 2015 at 5:13 am

Aug 8 2015

When I filled up the OBC was estimating 60km but didn't want to risk running low on fuel, so stopped in Monaghan on way back from Fanad (just Maire and I but fully loaded car and 3 bikes). After filling we drove back to Lucan, a few short runs to shops, Maire did a few short runs, did a run into Big Grill Festival and back, drove to Dbo for Ciaran and Eimaer's do and then on to Fanad, and back from Fanad to Letterkenny on way to lucan. Filled up in Applegreen in Letterkenny.

  • 472.2
  • 13.209
  • €4.88
  • €64.45
  • 35.8

Added by boxty on Aug 12 2015 at 5:04 am

Aug 1 2015

Filled up in Foxhunter on Sat 01/08/2015 (OBC estimating 40km but car was completely loaded and oisin in back and 3 bikes on rack so decided best to fill in Lucan). Brimmed it to get 53 litres in it. The drove to Fanad, checked into the golf lodge holiday home, drove round fanad a small but, drove to glenswilly and back to tassie for wedding, small spins round Fanad during the week (but with 5 adults usually), then drove back to Dublin fully loaded and with 3 bikes on Sat 08/07/2015 and stopped in Topaz Monaghan to refill as OBC estimating 60km but didn't want to risk running low on fuel

  • 522.0
  • 14.004
  • €5.03
  • €70.45
  • 37.3

Added by boxty on Aug 12 2015 at 5:02 am

Jul 27 2015

Filled up in Applegreen in Palmerstown to fill up. OBC had been showing 0 km fuel range left for a good few KM by the time I got there and car seemed to be starting to splutter a but when I was getting very close to fuel station. Car was absolutely brimmed to fit in 55.79. After that I drove into Mater Hospital on NCR to collect tiagra shifters and from there on to Great wood in blanch to meet ciaran, then drove back to Lucan via M50 and drove down to DBO with boot full on Fri, drove from home in dbo to hotel, drove into carrick and boyle and back via carrick on Sat, drove back to dub on sun (pumped tires in Kennedy station on dublin rd, carrick to 3 bar), had used just shy of half tank by the time we got home). Maire drove my car to Blanch and back on the Tuesday. I then had to drive to Dbo for Helen Stenson's funeral and back to Lucan again(drove harder than normal on way down). Then collected Maire and drove to Coombe and back home and OBC was estimating 60km til empty. Filled up in Foxhunter on Sat 01/08/2015 (OBC estimating 40km but car was completely loaded and oisin in back and 3 bikes on rack so decided best to fill in Lucan)

  • 537.5
  • 14.714
  • €4.92
  • €72.41
  • 36.5

Added by boxty on Jul 27 2015 at 5:36 am

Jul 10 2015

Filled up in Sweeney's Applegreen or Topaz on Ramelton Rd in Letterkenny on Friday 10/07/2015. Since last fill in Ton up station I had driven from Fanad back to Lucan with marie and car full on the evening of Tuesday 07/07/015, drove into Rialto for ante natal class on morn or Weds 08/07/2015, maire drove car a bit, then she collected me from Sandymount (came through town) on Thurs 09/070/2015 and we drove onto the open day for her nutrition course in Bray and back home via m50, then she collected me @ the point on Friday 10/07/2015 and we (maire, Aoife & I) drove out the port tunnel and on up to Fanad). Car was fully loaded. Drove steady. A/c going all the time. Trip computer showed we had just done 770km and on board computer estimated another 30km before needing to refuel but decided to fill in Letterkenny as we needed to get a birthday card for clodaghs party anyway. Brimmed it to squeeze in 53l. After filling, I drove from LK to Fanad (3 adults, full load of luggage) on the Fri, drove to Shore and back, drove to Cloadagh's party and back on sat, drove to Mass and back, to shore and back on Sun, to light house and back, and back to lucan on mon, then drove to work and back on Tuesday, Drove to airport and collected Maire on Wednesday (had used half a tank at that stage and done approx 430km). On Thursday Drove out to Ciaran in Santry and from there to airport to meet Oisin and Louise and then we drove back to Lucan. Didn't drive Fri, drove to St Catherines park on Friday, drove to clones and back on Sunday. By the time I got home trip computer estimating 20km til refill and trip computer showing 840. Drove to Aldi Fonthill and back on Mon. Still showing 20km. Drove from Larkfield to collect headphones from 8 the Glebe in lucan and then on to Applegreen in Palmerstown to fill up. OBC had been showing 0 km fuel range left for a good few KM by the time I got there and car seemed to be starting to splutter a but when I was getting very close to fuel station.

  • 478.5
  • 14.001
  • €5.11
  • €71.50
  • 34.2

Added by boxty on Jul 15 2015 at 5:15 am

Jul 5 2015

Filled up in Greatgas "Tonup" station in Fanad. Car was fully loaded, and remained so pretty much thereafter, drove steady,

  • 520.7
  • 14.265
  • €5.11
  • €72.85
  • 36.5

Added by boxty on Jul 15 2015 at 4:59 am

Jun 27 2015

Filled up in Tesco filling station near Decathlon as gauge empty and trip computer estimating 10km. (pump cut out at 53 out, managed to get 54 into in it), can remember how much I paid, but used credit card (not showing up online yet but will complete when its up). Drove from the on outer ring road heading for M1 but should have headed for A1, realised our mistake and headed took exit for dungannon/Armagh (A29), headed for armagh and ontowards newry before joining up with M1 towards Drogheda (drove hard as we were heading for match in Drogheda and we were behind time), Drove back to Lucan after Drogheda)

  • 513.9
  • 14.265
  • €6.44
  • €91.80
  • 36.0

Added by boxty on Jun 29 2015 at 7:16 am

Jun 1 2015

Filled up in M4 Service station enfield (applegreen). Pump auto cut out at 51ish but managed to brim it and get in 53 litres. Trip computer had been estimating car would do another 30km (in theory as I could only get 53 litres into a 63 litres tank there was another 9 litres diesel left). Drove from Enfield back to lucan (just me and Maire, boot full of luggage, ciaran's bike on the towbar rack). Continued driving steady. By Thursday 13/06/2015 I had just driven local spins ie. to get groceries, to Astro, to Blanch centre, to astro again, I have driven approx 100km and trip computer estimating another 800km to go, tank is showing shy of a quarter tank.

  • 534.4
  • 14.001
  • €5.04
  • €70.50
  • 38.2

Added by boxty on Jun 2 2015 at 4:48 am

May 22 2015

Filled up in McCaugheys TOP service station on N2 in Monaghan. Car was filled by an attendant and took approx 53 litres I think. (Boot was full, just me and Maire, driving was steady). After filling we drove up to Fanad that Friday, I drove into letterkenny and back on the Sat, and then drove back to Dublin on the Sunday evening (boot full, me and Maire, drove steady, had about 450km done when tank was half full), drove from Lucan to Dbo on Sat 30/05/2015, dropped cha into Carrick train station and back on Sunday 31/05/2015, then drove back to Lucan on bank hol mon 01/06/2015 - got as far as Applegreen M4 service station.

  • 534.4
  • 14.001
  • €5.07
  • €70.97
  • 63.9

Added by boxty on May 25 2015 at 5:23 am

May 19 2015

Maire put 7 litres of diesel into my car when she was driving into Coombe to meet me as the light was on. She fueled up in Palmerstown, drove to the Coombe, I drove home, then we drive headed for Fanad on the Friday getting as far as McCaughey's TOP service station on the N2 (when gauge was nearly empty and trip computer was estimating 20km worth of fuel left). An attendant filled the car and it took 53 litres I think.

  • 478.5
  • 1.849
  • €5.07
  • €9.37
  • 0.0

Added by boxty on May 25 2015 at 5:18 am · partial

Apr 26 2015

Filled up in McCormacks in Drumshanbo. Gauge was empty and trip computer was saying 0 miles left. Car took 55 litres when pump shut off. Didn't trying filling it any more. Drove back to Lucan direct (just me and maire and our luggage). Car used more than one eight but less than a quarter tank to that distance. Drove steadily and at limit throughout. Maintained a consisitent driving pattern. Drove out to airport for our May mid term holiday and back home from airport, I did a few short grocery trips on the sat and sun, Maire drove my car to and from work on week of Monday 11/05/2015 to Fri 15/05/2015 and she also went to gym before work on Mon, weds and fri. she collected her parents from airport on the Mon 11/05 and dropped them to City north hotel and she then drove back home, I drove car to dbo and back on Sunday 17/05 (for Leitrim game, drove steady throughout), trip computer estimating another 30km left when I got back to house (had done approx 770km by then). Máire drove my car to the coombe on Tuesday 19/05/2015 as I was meeting her there on cycle home from work and we'd put bike in car). She had to put 7 litres of diesel in car as she was nervous she pay not have had enough.

  • 351.1
  • 14.529
  • €5.07
  • €73.65
  • 24.2

Added by boxty on Apr 28 2015 at 7:54 am

Mar 11 2015

Filled up in garage in Deansgrange (I think) Texaco (I think), gauge was showing I had 10 km left, then drove to Rathnew with Mark for open day (boot full of flyers etc), (drove hard to rathnew as we were late, then drove back via bray as I had to drop Mark off at train, and then I took m50 home) Drove down to Dbo on Sat 14/03 and returned Sun 15/03. Did a few small spins to get groceries since Collected Ronan for Astro and dropped him off Weds 01/04/2015. Maire and Oisin drove up to Fanad (car was full including her bike in boot, her bags and Oisins bag). They filled up in Lifford

  • 472.2
  • 14.001
  • €5.03
  • €70.44
  • 33.7

Added by boxty on Mar 12 2015 at 5:53 am

Mar 5 2015

Filled up in Maxol in Portlaoise on way doen to Ballincollig for Cliona's bday weekend (had maire and donal in car and boot was full) drove hard for a while after filling up as I thought we had to rush to make dinner in hotel. Drove to Killarney next morning and on to cronin's yard for Carrauntoohil, then drove back to Ballincollig, drove into bus station to collect Fionnoula and back to Ballincollig, then back to Lucan on the Sunday. The drove into work and home via m50 on Monday and Wednesday

  • 410.1
  • 14.529
  • €5.00
  • €72.60
  • 28.5

Added by boxty on Mar 12 2015 at 5:58 am

Feb 3 2015

The first 256 km since last fill was just short runs round lucan (to park runs, super quinn, aldi, euro spar, lidl, st Catherines park. Used a quarter tank to do the 170 km. Weather was v cold. Boot was full inc hitch. Maf not cleaned or replaced yet. Did very little driving for a few weeks (drove to airport and back, a few short runs to shops), then did a run to Cork (with Me, Maire and Donal and boot full). Made it as far as Portlaoise when the trip computer was showing that I only had enough for another 10km so decided to fill up in Portlaoise)

  • 410.1
  • 14.265
  • €4.54
  • €64.79
  • 0.0

Added by boxty on Feb 3 2015 at 1:38 pm · partial

Jan 17 2015

Filled up in Maxol in Lucan after parkrun, on board computer had been estimating 0km left in tank on way over to parkrun that morning. I absolutley brimmed the car by putting in 55.12 (cos) it was spilling out, so in theory as in it is an 63l tank, there should be another 8l in the tank which should be enough for another 100 km mixed driving (more if just motorway). Since the last fill, I had driven around fanad a bit, in and out of letterkenny one, fanad to dbo 9and experienced a loss of power which could be due to MAF and effect the fuel efficency, then dbo to lucan. The car was well loaded up for some of the time and towbar and bike rack is in the boot along with other stuff all the time. After the fill OBC was estimating 880km until next fill. I reckon when OBC shows its time to fill next time, there will still be 8L of fuel in tank so should be able to try and push for 850km next time

  • 486.7
  • 14.561
  • €4.62
  • €67.24
  • 33.4

Added by boxty on Jan 19 2015 at 5:01 am

Dec 27 2014

Filled up in Applegreen, Letterkenny.

  • 478.5
  • 13.964
  • €4.58
  • €63.96
  • 34.3

Added by boxty on Jan 5 2015 at 9:17 am

Nov 23 2014

Filled up in Topaz in MIchelstown on way home from ballincollig. Trip computer was estimating another 10km before I needed to re-fuel. Managed to squeeze in 54.52 by absolutely brimming it. Since the last fill up, Máire had used my car to commute to work and go to gym as her car needed new battery. I used it for a few local runs (parkrun, groceries, B&Q etc). The headed to ballincollig on Friday 21/11/2014 with boot full of usual stuff, and our luggage and a box of books for maire to correct, On way back we also had fionnoula's stuff and her. Drove at 120-140kmh most of the way on motorway. I think the short runs when Maire used car really impacted on the economy of the last tank. When we retuned on sunday evening, we had done just over 200km and computer was saying car would go another 800km before needing a fill (it had used just shy of a quarter tank to do 200km, which suggests that it would do just over 800km to a tank

  • 449.2
  • 14.403
  • €5.30
  • €76.28
  • 31.2

Added by boxty on Nov 24 2014 at 7:05 am

Nov 1 2014

Filled up in esso just of maynooth exit on n4. On board computer was showing 20km to empty and was collecting maire from airport so didnt want to chance it. Since last fill I had driven round horn head dunfanaghy, back to ballylar, into lk and back and the back to dub on mon, the down to dbo and back up

  • 534.4
  • 14.437
  • €5.26
  • €75.91
  • 37.0

Added by boxty on Nov 2 2014 at 8:19 am

Oct 26 2014

  • 534.4
  • 13.737
  • €5.26
  • €72.28
  • 26.2

Added by boxty on Oct 26 2014 at 7:02 pm

Oct 18 2014

Filled up in Westport on way to Belmullet (first long spin in new car). Had done a bit of pottering about in it in Dublin. Wasn't sure how big tank was or how many miles it would do after light came on and didn't want to take any chances so filled up soon after light came on. Managed to squeeze in 52 litres. I've since learned that it has a 62l tank. I then drove from westport to Belmullet and from hotel to church and back on the saturday and back to Lucan (approx 400km) and it had used about a quarter tank I think)

  • 186.4
  • 13.737
  • €5.67
  • €77.88
  • 0.0

Added by boxty on Oct 20 2014 at 7:17 am · partial

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