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1995 Toyota Camry


Property of rastasean Added Feb 2011 Location: austin texas

My champagne colored California-native Toyota Camry, which was totaled in his last life, now has taken me across many states on my journey to Texas. He and I became acquainted around February 2005 where I found him with a cracked windshield behind a bar. Since then, I have loved him and spent a lot of money or repairs for him.

Basic Stats

25.9 (-0.1)


24.4 (-3.5)

Last MPG

42.6 (3/7/11)

Best MPG

  • $3.44 Avg Price/Gallons
  • $26.55 Avg Price/Fuel-up
  • $0.134 Avg Price/Mile
  • $1,141.48 Total Spent

  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 8
  • 5
  • 2
  • 5

Total Miles Tracked

City vs Highway Driving

43 averaging 6 per month
Total Fuel-ups

Recent Fuel-ups

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Toyota · Camry · 1995


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