1999 Mercury Cougar • Gas V6 Coupe

Property of CodyTRX · Added Aug 2010
Location: Mooresville, NC, US

1999 Mercury Cougar V6 MTX Sport. Bought April 2007 with 94K miles. Optimized UIM. SVT LIM and TB. K&N FIPK. NPG FSVT Front Rotor Upgrade. SVT Clutch, Flywheel and Pressure Plate. Not anywhere near finished. Curb weight is around 2900lbs. The engine is Ford's 2.5L Duratec V6 mated to their MTX-75 manual transaxle. It's a really fun car to drive and gets great mileage.

Basic Stats

  • 27.4 --

    avg MPG

  • 22.7 (+3.8)

    last MPG

  • 31.6 (10/14/10)

    best MPG

  • $3.55 Avg. Price/Gallon
  • $38.50 Avg. Price/Fuel-up
  • $0.172 Avg. Price/Mile
  • $77.01 Total Spent

Cost Analysis 2014


Total Miles Tracked

3 per month

Total Fuel-ups

City vs Highway Driving

Recent Fuel-ups

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Log Book

# Date Miles Gal. MPG Price City % Notes Odometer Fuel-up TS Added TS
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Potential Savings Per Fuel-up

Using the last fuel-up as a guide, here's what this vehicle could have saved with better mileage.

  • 22.7  

    Last MPG

  • $1.56 10.3 Extra Miles

    +1 MPG

  • $3.00 20.6 Extra Miles

    +2 MPG

  • $4.32 30.8 Extra Miles

    +3 MPG

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