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Golf Estate

2011 VW Golf • Diesel L4 Estate

Property of avtur · Added Sep 2011
Location: Stockport, UK

Estate, 1.6 TDI, SE trim, DSG box, Blue Motion Technology

Basic Stats

  • 53.9 --

    avg UK MPG

  • 54.8 (+3.0)

    last UK MPG

  • 60.0 (19/10/11)

    best UK MPG

  • £0.00 Avg. Price/Litre
  • £0.00 Avg. Price/Fuel-up
  • £0.000 Avg. Price/Mile
  • £0.00 Total Spent

Cost Analysis 2014


Total Miles Tracked

1 per week

Total Fuel-ups

City vs Highway Driving

Recent Fuel-ups

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Log Book

# Date Miles Litres UK MPG Price City % Notes Odometer Fuel-up TS Added TS
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