Project car

Project car

1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata • Gas L4 Convertible

Property of c2100 · Added Sep 2008
Location: Burnaby BC, CA

Purchased on Labour Day 2006 in need of much TLC. 208,000kms (129,245 miles)
Being a Cdn. model no AC or airbags.
5 speed manual, CD player, bra

Photo - Texas roadside

UPGRADES:2006 - Used engine, synthetic oils in engine gear box. Yokohama AVS ES100 tires, K & N air filter.

2008- New water pump and timing belt along with plugs.

2009 218,000 kms or 136,000 miles. New paint 219,616 kms., new shocks, springs, dust boots and ball joints made a huge difference in ride and handling.
220700, Brake fluid change & fuel filter.
Oil Drip problems solved Sept 09. New seals & gaskets as well as a water pump timing belt and pilot bearing, plug wires. Oct 09 fuel pump & filter.

2010 new NZ sheepskin cover driver's seat. No more sticky seats. New master cylinder installed. Completed a trouble free trip to San Antonio Texas and return taking in Miatas in Moab IV a round trip of 8,140 km or 5,000 miles! Trips to Bella Coola, Kitimat and Stewart as well as Hyder Alaska! 13,500 kms of trips in 2010

2011 New front rotors pads and calipers @245,555km

2012 Oxygen sensor & wipers @252,000kms

2013 4 Nexen CP641 tires @ 262,445km (54,000 km on the Yokohama)

Basic Stats

  • 7.5 --

    avg L/100km

  • 7.6 (-0.2)

    last L/100km

  • 5.6 (02/07/07)

    best L/100km

  • $1.18 Avg. Price/Litre
  • $26.17 Avg. Price/Fuel-up
  • $0.091 Avg. Price/km
  • $209.39 Total Spent

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