Legacy GT Wagon

Legacy GT Wagon

2005 Subaru Legacy • Gas H4 Wagon

Property of camflan · Added Sep 2011, Retired Mar 2014
Location: Orlando, FL, US

2.5L Turbo H4, 5EAT

I sold this car on 3/27/14 before moving back to KS. It was an amazing car that I'll miss. I'm glad I owned it while I did, and had a blast in it. It was a car that fully encapsulated my professional golf career, purchased with that in mind, used as such, and sold as I move on to my new adventures. Thank you for hanging with me, LGT.

Basic Stats

  • 19.9 --

    avg MPG

  • 19.7 (+2.0)

    last MPG

  • 35.4 (1/30/12)

    best MPG

  • $3.85 Avg. Price/Gallon
  • $56.20 Avg. Price/Fuel-up
  • $0.194 Avg. Price/Mile
  • $168.60 Total Spent

Cost Analysis 2014


Total Miles Tracked

3 per month

Total Fuel-ups

City vs Highway Driving

Recent Fuel-ups

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Log Book

# Date Miles Gal. MPG Price City % Notes Odometer Fuel-up TS Added TS
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EPA Estimates

Here's how this mileage compares with the EPA estimates for this model.

  • 19.9  

    Avg MPG

  • 19 (+0.9)

    Estimated City MPG

  • 25 (-5.1)

    Estimated Hwy MPG

  • 21 (-1.1)

    Estimated Avg MPG

Potential Savings Per Fuel-up

Using the last fuel-up as a guide, here's what this vehicle could have saved with better mileage.

  • 19.7  

    Last MPG

  • $2.50 13.2 Extra Miles

    +1 MPG

  • $4.76 26.5 Extra Miles

    +2 MPG

  • $6.83 39.7 Extra Miles

    +3 MPG

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