The Adventure Wagon

The Adventure Wagon

1994 Subaru Loyale • Gas H4 Wagon

Property of dennyt · Added Dec 2009

4x4 5spd 220k as of 5/2011. This is my daily driver, 75% highway / 25% city, and I take it to the mountains most weekends year-round.
Removed power steering pump, AC fuse, clutching fan (kept stock electric fan & added one more). Replaced side mirrors with internal side mirrors & wide-angle rearview. Removed mudflaps & trailer hitch.
Added kill switch, 400W block heater, synthetic oil & transmission fluid & diff fluid & wheel bearing grease, smoother hubcaps, lower grill block, and a potentiometer on the coolant temp sensor to reduce cold-start enrichment. Added an idle air control valve restrictor plate to prevent excessive RPMs at idle & warm-up.
Full profile of mods here:

Basic Stats

  • 31.4 --

    avg MPG

  • 30.6 (+4.0)

    last MPG

  • 40.7 (8/27/11)

    best MPG

  • $3.45 Avg. Price/Gallon
  • $39.45 Avg. Price/Fuel-up
  • $0.122 Avg. Price/Mile
  • $315.58 Total Spent

Cost Analysis 2014


Total Miles Tracked

1 per week

Total Fuel-ups

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Log Book

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Potential Savings Per Fuel-up

Using the last fuel-up as a guide, here's what this vehicle could have saved with better mileage.

  • 30.6  

    Last MPG

  • $1.45 12.5 Extra Miles

    +1 MPG

  • $2.81 24.9 Extra Miles

    +2 MPG

  • $4.09 37.4 Extra Miles

    +3 MPG

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