2005 Honda CBR600RR

Property of Roxy · Added Oct 2010
Location: United States

Spice up the commute to work a little with this...
Currently have a -1/0 sprocket setup, hence the lower fuel mileage when compared to stock CBR 600RR's, however it does have a SpeedoDRD on it to correct the speed and mileage.

Basic Stats

  • 37.2 --

    avg MPG

  • 39.1 (+2.4)

    last MPG

  • 44.2 (3/28/12)

    best MPG

  • $0.00 Avg. Price/Gallon
  • $0.00 Avg. Price/Fuel-up
  • $0.000 Avg. Price/Mile
  • $0.00 Total Spent

Cost Analysis 2014


Total Miles Tracked

3 per month

Total Fuel-ups

City vs Highway Driving

Recent Fuel-ups

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Log Book

# Date Miles Gal. MPG Price City % Notes Odometer Fuel-up TS Added TS
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Potential Savings Per Fuel-up

Using the last fuel-up as a guide, here's what this vehicle could have saved with better mileage.

  • 39.1  

    Last MPG

  • $0.16 1.7 Extra Miles

    +1 MPG

  • $0.30 3.4 Extra Miles

    +2 MPG

  • $0.44 5.1 Extra Miles

    +3 MPG

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