Fuelly Frequently Asked Questions

Site Basics

How do I sign up for Fuelly?

Can my data be private?

How do I view Fuelly data in metric units?

Why don't you list everything in order of best fuel economy?

I can't log in. What should I do?

I'm in the UK. Will Fuelly work for me?

What do the engine type abbreviations such as L4 and V6 mean?

Why don't you track more vehicle details?

What vehicles won't work at Fuelly?

How do I close my account?

Adding Vehicles

What if my car or motorcycle isn't listed?

What if my car/motorcycle model year isn't listed?

What's the difference between tracking with Trip Miles vs. Odometer?

Why isn't my car listed in the Browse Vehicles section of the site?

What is City vs. Highway Tracking?

How do I edit a vehicle?

How do I remove or retire a vehicle?

Adding Fuel-ups

How do I edit or delete a fuel-up?

How do I add fuel-up data in Litres or Kilometers?

How do I account for missed fuel-ups?

How do I account for partial fuel-ups?

Why do I have to fill the tank all the way up every time I buy fuel?

How do I import fuel-up data?

How do I export my fuel-up data?

What is Fuelly Mobile for phones?

Does Fuelly support non-US currencies?

How do I add a fuel-up via SMS?

Can two people fuel-up the same vehicle?

Why doesn't my fuel-up have a calculated MPG (L/100km)?

Do you have an iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry app?

Why are the numbers on my dashboard different from the vehicle profile page?

I'm in Canada. Can I change my reporting units for US trips?

My Android phone doesn't have a decimal for data entry on Fuelly Mobile

Site Features

Do you have a Terms of Service for your SMS service?

Do you have EPA estimates for my car?

How do I invite friends to use Fuelly?

How do I use a Fuelly forum signature/badge?

Why is my Fuelly forum signature/badge out of date?

How do I share my vehicle page at Facebook or Twitter?

Why doesn't Fuelly do [some cool thing]?

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