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92 VX de-aftermarketing

I have this 92 Civic VX which I bought from a 17 year old kid who wrecked it and had to get rid of it. He pitched the OEM intake and swapped it for the typical K&N on a chrome tube. He also swapped out the ECU with one from a 1.6 V-TEC so that it would hit at about 5700 rpm. I am in the process of trying to get the car back to the way it should be. Who tries to trick out a 92 horsepower motor?? I mean come on. Anyway, I found the correct ECU on ebay (P07-A00) and plugged it in thinking it would fix the engine light and bring the V-TEC back down to where it should be. It did that and more. There is an upshift light!!! I was thinking all was well untill I got it out on the highway and when I was trying to maintain about 60mph the engine bogged down just like someone turned the key off. If I push the accelerator down it springs right into action as if it had no difficulty. If I let off and depress the clutch it comes down and Idles just fine. I tried just holding the pedal stationary and it boggs down lower and lower untill that throttle position is accelerating (hope thats clear?) then it accelerates fine. After reading a bit about the LAF and the 5 wire sensor I am wondering if it doesnt have something to do with that "lean burn". My question is what would cause the car to bog like it does at maintain speed? I currently have the non-VX ECU in it because the engine light is not as big of a deal as the bogging on the highway and I still average about 43-47mpg city and at 75mph for 1000 miles I netted 52 mpg on 89 octane 10%ethanol.

Any usefull info would help and be much appreciated.

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I'd check everything, right injectors, right FPR, right MAF etc etc.

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Look for the rest of the stupid crap he did to the poor car.

Then go after the basics. Test your TPS sensor, O2 sensor. Then do the maintenance that's long overdue. Not just the basics like oil and spark plugs. But stuff like valve adjustment, fuel pump sock, fuel filter etc.

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Sounds like the same problem with my non-Federal '95 VX a couple of years ago, so I doubt it's an issue with lean burn. Turned out to be clogged EGR ports, so I blocked the EGR line with a golf tee. The correct way to fix this is to remove the intake and clean out the ports. One of the members on this forum had a great post (pictures included) about how to clean EGR ports (drilling out the EGR port plugs without removing the intake). Do a search on "clean EGR ports" and you should find it.
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Originally Posted by RoadWarrior View Post
I'd check everything, right injectors, right FPR, right MAF etc etc.
There is no MAF on a Civic.
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