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Haha, yeah I noticed that about the dummy lights. I agree that bump starting shouldn't be a jolt at all. It's very smooth as long as you push the clutch in quickly after releasing it.


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One thing I noticed recently is we get so used to doing things and in that process we inadvertently rush through the procedure. This apparently made a difference on my truck, you think your problem was bad, mine somedays wouldn't start for 15-20 minutes as I'd sit stuck at some intersection

Yes sir, all it took was 1-2 of those experiences and I just about gave up on shutting down the engine for a glide. Odd, why it never gave me this problem in the mornings?

What I learned to do is when doing a glide to keep the ignition off for 3-4 seconds, then turn it back on but keep it on for 3-4 seconds before starting.

So whether a cold start or a glide / EOC / F-AS, always:
Keep ignitions off for at least 3-4 seconds.
And when turning on, let them sit for a bit before starting ICE.

That helped, before starting switch to ignition ON and just wait a sec.

I think this helps the computerized parts get all their bits and processes in order.

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Well, i've been taking my foot off the gas right before turning the engine off and it has been bump starting very well now. Also I do agree that you can bump start at 2-5mph in 2nd gear and that any faster is not ideal. So thanks everyone for the good advice!

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