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Yeah, this has definately been happening in 1-2 shift, and now on bad days on the 2-3 shift on cold starts. It doesn't happen when the car is warm at all. GREAT

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No one's mentioned this so I guess I will. To test your clutch (this is not really good for your clutch, so only do it when you have reasonable evidense that something is wrong)

Get up to 15-20 mph
Push in the clutch pedal
Put the car in your highest gear
Rev the engine to somewhere around the peak torque point
Release the clutch pedal, and at the same time, floor the throttle

if the engine immediately bogs, your clutch is fine
if the engine slowly drops revs to normal, your clutch is on its way out
if the engine maintains revs, or revs up, your clutch is gone

w00t, finally above the EPA rating!
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Originally Posted by JanGeo
WOOOOOWW are we talking motorcycle or car manual transmissions? Car transmissions are still moving gears back and forth on splined shafts otherwise you wouldn't get gear grinding noises or have syncros in them. Motorcycle transmissions use dogs like you say as well as old three speed and more recently 5 and 7 speed hubs in bicycles but cars still have syncros and require special lubrication properties so that they grab enough to syncronize the speed of the clutch disk input side shaft to the output shaft speeds. Race cars are totally different animals and I don't profess to know how they work.
Hmmm.... I can shift gears (up or down) in any manual shift car without using the clutch(if the car is moving)! All that is required is to "unload" the gears with the throttle...move the cluster on the splines to the neutral position, match the revs ...roadspeed, drive gear speed... and pull(quickly) the cluster into the next position, or shift.
Sure, cars still have synchros...they just aren't promoted, anymore. Too many buyers want the automatics!'re not getting gear-grinding noises if you "miss" a shift...those are the dogs you hear. The synchro cones merely match the speed(s) with their slippage friction prior to dog engagement.
Oh, "race cars are totally different animals"? Insofar as cluster gears are concerned? Don't you believe it! Ask Hewland....
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Matt -

I've never had a manual transmission that I couldn't slip out of gear. I never made it a habit, but I could always do it gently (no load on the engine, like everyone else has said). I did it accidently the first time on my VW Karmann Ghia, and nothing happened, so I didn't worry about it. Manual transmissions are GREAT!!!!!

If you did have a problem you are well within your minimum warranty.

When I had my 2nd Gen CRX, that was the smoothest clutch I ever had. No break-in period at all. Is it the same for the Fit?


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