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That's another thing I'm baffled by. You would expect the Intervals to be pretty high, for cars and trucks in the US. Sure a lot of people tow stuff, but on the whole, vehicles have large, low stress, low revving engines, the amount of work they do is very low if you compare it to a European car that might have a tiny 900cc engine witha turbo, that is revved hard and often. When was the last time your engine went over 6000 rpm for example? Some Japanese cars rev to 8000 or 9000 rpm, those are the circumstances in which you'd expect oil to deteriorate at a faster rate no? I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm going around in circles, but I'm just trying to get to the bottom of these bizzare oil myths!

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The bottom of the myth is simple.

At one time, quite awhile ago now, a 3000 oil change interval was required.

The oils, fuels, and engines got better, so 3000 miles was no longer needed. The greed of dealers and oil service shops continued to push the 3000 mile interval. The ignorance of the public just went along with the dealers, and 'experts' recommendation.

Inertia, or tradition, also plays a part. when they were young 3000 miles may have been the norm. Then there is a bit paranoia. Some believe the longer intervals were because the car companies wanted the engines to have an early death.

tl;dr people are greedy and stupid

The manufacturers do recommend longer intervals now, and once tier 3 gasoline becomes the norm, those intervals should be as long as European ones. Right now our gas has about 3 times the sulfur.

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Bugger-off with the pejorative comments regarding Americans, their vehicles, and their habits. It's gotten old. The posters on here don't make comments about Brits. We don't care what Brits do or don't do. So please keep your thoughts about Americans to yourself.
The larger the engine, the harder it is on the oil. As the bore increases, the surface area of the rings is larger giving more area to "blow-by". Big engines, working to push heavy vehicles, are hard on oil. A 1,500cc engine is a sewing machine, and doesn't produce much work. My 7.3L Powerstroke produces 575 ft lbs. It's a lot harder on oil, so it requires more frequent changing. It has NOTHING to do with the "quality of engine oil available in America". North American oil is just fine, thank you. Probably better than anything available in the UK. Most stuff is.

Our UK buddy that has owned 10 cars with the largest engine being 1500 cc has no idea what a "large" engine is, nor how to maintain it. I've never owned a car with less than 1,600 cc, and that was a VW Bug I bought for my girlfriend. (His largest is the 1500cc Clito). I currently own 7 vehicles. Historically my 30-ish vehicles have been 5.7/350ci, 6.6/396, 7.0/427, and 7.4/454 Chevrolets. BIG powerful engines, in Corvettes, Chevelles, Camaros and El Caminos in the 3,500-4,000 lb range capable of 0-60 in 6-ish seconds, and if any of the big block cars ever broke 12MPG while consuming the best super-premium gasoline I could obtain, I didn't catch it. I've owned my 396 El Camino for 43 years, and the 5.7L version of 4 Corvettes I've owned, for 30 years. I love BIG, FAST, POWERFUL, HEAVY trucks and cars. That's all I've owned for over 45 years. I could care-less what others think of my habits, choice of vehicles, or lifestyle.

I currently have 3 special little GMC trucks called Syclone and Typhoon. Only a 4.3L V6, but turbocharged and inter-cooled. 0-60 in 5 seconds flat, 365ft lbs at 2,800 RPM. These 60-foot in 1.8 seconds when boost-launched. Very violent launch, and impressive if you are next to it at a light and thought your car was quick. If our tree-huger ever got a ride in one of these he'd have to change his underwear when he got out. I get <10 MPG in my Syclones. So what? I like quick cars.

And my 7.3 L Powerstroke. It 0-60's in less than 9, and weighs 8,000 pounds. Yes it holds 3-1/2 gallons of oil, and 58 Gallons of Diesel. It will pull any gasoline-fueled vehicle at full-throttle backwards, tow 15,000 pounds without stress, and oh-my-gosh is it SAFE. Who's gonna' walk away laughing if a little Clito pulls out in front of it, and I can't stop in time? It probably wouldn't even bend the bumper. And if the Clito driver were unfortunate enough to get hit in the driver's door with any pace, the impact and incursion into the vehicle could well be lethal. So don't screw-up and get hit by 8,000lb vehicles.

Yeah, a little harsh. I'm tired of this guy's derogatory comments regarding Americans' behavior in their own country. We don't care how much fuel or engine oil other countries burn or save, how big or small their cars and trucks are, nor do we care how much CO they emit. (The United States did NOT sign the Kyoto Agreement). So stop vocalizing what we do over here. It's none of your business or "concern" how much oil, fuel or C0 WE consume and emit in our OWN country..
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Once again, you have taken things too far. You see some people on here have the intelligence to have an adult conversation, and enough IQ to realise that my observations are observations, not critisisms, and just because I want to discuss it and have an interest in knowing the reasons why, you feel the need to make an idiot of yourself. Shame on you.

Respect where it's due, trollbait consistently answers most of my questions, is very helpful and remains impartial. If he can leave the rude comments at home, why can't you? I'm reporting you for your immaturity.
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This thread has run its course, and since this cannot be discussed without making it personal, I'm closing this thread.


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