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? for 88-91 Civic/CRX Z1 (VX) swappers...

Semi-update first...The VX engine is in my '89 HF, and I finally got around to wiring up for OBD-1 (minus VTEC and O2). The brakes have been renewed and bled until I can bleed no more. All motor mounts have been hardened w/ liquid polyurethane and all but the driver's mount is in (long story). I bolt up the starter, then I go for the alternator...and it won't fit...as in I cannot physically squeeze it from the top (near the intake manifold and master cylinder) or the bottom (near the oil pan and axle stuff) into the little pocket of space between the engine and the firewall to bolt it up. I spend 2 hours manhandling it from underneath after pulling the bracket out, wedging the alt. in (almost had to pull the axle again), then reassembling the alt. to the bracket and bolting it onto the block while inside the space it is supposed to occupy. My question is, does anyone else have this problem or a possible solution in case this alt. fails down the road and I have to either take the master cyl. out (too messy/tedious bleeding) or the driver's side axle? Thanks, Mak

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That bites. On my '89 Accord, there was no easy way around it: to get the alt in or out, you had to remove the driver's side axle. Hope you figure out an easier option...

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Pretty sure the alternator will come/go without removing the axle, but it will only one way. I had lots of trouble removing the alternator on my 90 Civic DX (the D15Z1 and the D15B2 exterior block dimensions are near if not identical), but finally got it out. Can't remember exactly how I had to twist it, but I do remember having to remove part of my plastic undertray/mud splash guard.
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The obd1 alternator is a little bigger, but if you play with it around the wheel well/axle area it'll come out. Or just remove the axle.
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