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you are right, the o2 is a 1 wire!

hills really do suck with my setup. I always have to put it in a lower gear, and on steep hills i sometimes have to put it in 1st if i dont get enough momentum!

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another thing I realized might make it run even richer, but I'm a bit unsure about, when your engine is cold it also bumps your idle speed up, and at 35mph in 5th gear, you are trying to force your engine to run slower then it wants to idle, so that might make the fuel injection controles freak out a bit more as it trys to compensate, there is a chance that your fuel injection is dumping enough fuel in that it's coming close to flooding, altho I don't think I've heard of someone managing to flood a fuel injected engine.

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Originally Posted by MakDiesel
It happens either way, at almost any decent speed (constant or otherwise), but bumps and dips aggravate it. I checked the axle-to-LCA clearance yesterday to make sure it was good and noticed my driver's side shock tower has something defintely amiss. Instead of being in the center and low, it's skewed heavily to the front and appears higher than the other side. What causes/remedies this? I'll take a pic sometime. Mak
Mak: On your car, I believe that between the top of the shock and the inner fender is a bracket which mounts to the inner fender, from the bottom. It typically has a hole in the middle, that the top of the shock goes through and then has a lock nut on the top, inside the engine compartment. The bracket has a bearing assembly built into it, and it sounds to me like something in that assembly is failing. You can buy replacements at the auto parts store. I think if you open your hood and look at the shock mount on the drivers side, it is probably loose/ worn out. Good luck! (not a big issue to fix!)
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sho' nuff Gary, it's literally oscillating around in there, apparently from cutting a deep rut in the bushing from I assume years of me taking on-ramps at 50 mph (I don't speed but occasionally throw a hard corner just to feel the go-cart push). Really, the shocks look very old but are still rebounding fine, but the mount gave up. I have some spare GR-2's sitting in my carport building, could swap them in...but who has the time? And with a tranny swap on the way? I'll let you know how it goes...Thanks, Mak

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