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Yeah, it's still a good car for FE, a bit of damage though...don't let people discourage you from asking questions, if they don't have the answer and choose to be asses about the fact that you asked, they're more than likely not going to say anything worth listening to.

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With the tow truck in the background I would have to ask: Does it have a title? if it doesn't have a title it's alot of work to get one, if the people trying to sell it tell you something differnt, tell them you will buy it after they have a title in hand for you.
A Civic CRX HF is a modle of CRX, the CRX was only made with a long angled back and at least in the US never came with enough space for a rear seat (in europe they put in basicly a childs sized seat for cheaper licenseing) the Civic hatch back like that has a more upright hatch lid, a rear seat, and the car is over all much longer/larger then a CRX, the 4th generation of civics like that came in a base modle with a 4 speed manual tranny (last body style of civic that came with a 4 speed) a 1.5L dual point throtle body injected engine, and often no passenger side mirrer, that body style also came in the DX trim leavle, I think it normaly had a 5 speed and maybe an optional automatic, a 1.5L engine that might have had multi-point fuel injection (4 fuel injectors in the intake manifold, one for each cylender... more efficent design) and a few other extras like passenger side mirrer, a rear wiper, maybe a clock, hub caps.
that body style also came in the SI trim levle, compleat with fun things like sun roof, larger 1.6L engine, alloy wheels and more gadgets and frills to add more weight.
the CRX came in a simaler arry of trim leavles, only I think for it the base modle was also pretty much the DX compleat with a 5 speed altho I'm sometimes unsure because I've seem a varity being sold labled and un-labled, the CRX also came as an HF, basicly striped down for weight, a 1.5L engine that was tuned to run at lower speeds, and a matching tranny to keep the engine at lower speeds, they can often be spoted by the fact that most of them didn't have rear wipers, and passenger side mirrers were an extra cost.
the CRX also came in a simaler SI modle with extra gas burning extras simaler to the civic SI brother.

I found a simaler car for a friend of mine with simaler body damage, only slightly more rust that we got for $120, they were asking $150 for it but I had cash on hand, and 3 other people had looked at it and mubbled about coming back when they got paid, and never did, they just wanted it gone, you can get great deals if you keep cash on you.
I would say that one looks to have very little rust in vital areas, altho checking the jack points for rust (the areas that you lift with a jack) and check for rust around suspention points, if the underside looks good, then it should be solid, and a few dents are fine in my book, altho fixing the turn signal is a must for safty, and reduction in police harasment.
if it runs and drives good, and checked out mecanicaly, $300-700

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