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how much resistance for spark plug wires?

my friend just bought a 93 civic, and wants to check if he needs to replace the spark plug wires or not, it looks very new, and he got it from an auction so there is no idea when it was changed

so if he plugged a voltmeter in it, what is the maximum resistance that is allowable before it is trash?

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1k to 1.5k ohm per foot. Most time if you have issue it will be much higher than that.


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I've heard that up to 5000 per foot is acceptable. Generally I've found 1000-2500 per foot to be the norm.
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if thier cheap, replac them anyways along with the plugs, then you know 100% sure theyve been changed. u can make 10 year old stuff look new with detailing stuff...
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With used cars it is the BUYER's responsibility to do maintenance.
Remember, to the seller it's OUTTA here, he or she does what absolutely had to be done but not much beyond... With blue book values what they are it makes no sense for the seller to fool with a car they're getting rid of, but someone has to do it, and this responsibility falls on the buyer.

So anytime I buy a car I put a decent set of wires on it, along with anything and everything I can think of... For one it ensures the maintenance is up to date, for another it might be the only time this car sees some serious dedication, most of the excitement for a car is right after the purchase <- Use it!
Helps wear off some of that excitement too, which means I might drive it nicer.

Here's what I do:
Fuel filter, air filter, oil and filter, trans fluid and filter, spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, pcv valve, breather cap, 02 sensor (if over 100k miles).
Check all fuses and bulbs, replace as needed, thoroughly clean interior (vacuum and windex, pull out seats if need be <- THAT thorough, door jambs too), wash and wax, go to town on this.
What else? Oh yeah, lube up any zerks, pull off all four wheels and CHECK brake pads (replace if needed) and while you got the wheels off grease the front wheel bearings, check and adjust tire psi's, check for uneven wear.

I mean the whole nine yards, this ensures trouble free driving, usually runs me 500 - 1000 bucks but that's some well spent money, my used cars run a good 50k miles before stuff starts to crapping out like ahhhh!

In addition I use synth oil, double platinum plugs, 8mm or thicker wires, high performance cap and rotor. Sometimes, if I'm in the mood, I slap a hypercoil in there as well.

Anything that's broken, fix it.
Now, while you're still all wooohoo about it.
It's a good deal all around.
A FE gauge should be standard equipment in every vehicle.
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