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Originally Posted by RobbieVX View Post
hey gary,

i actually replaced the cat and it passed fine. i dont really understand why honda didnt sell the non-ca version in ca because it still puts out less NOX than the limit.

glad to see youre doing the ca vx to non-ca conversion. ill be watching it to see how it comes out. a year ago when i bought my car, i thought about doign the same thing, but then i found a nice originaly owner car in pheonix, so i picked it up.

where in CA are you? im in LA, but originally from Marin County.

ps nice list of cars, i have a 94 tt supra
Hi Robbie,
I live in the Bay Area.
I went to Reno to pick up a 49-state VX, but it was in bad shape so I decided not to buy it. I think a few days later I found a CA Vx which drove and sounded like the car was still new, even though the car isn't cosmetically perfect.

Yeah, I'm going to do the ca to fed vx conversion. I got the ecu and i'm going to get the L1H1 sensor. I'm just waiting for a good price on it. I'm also trying to contact lac13 since he did the conversion to see how he hooked up the 5 wire sensor. I read he took a potentiometer to get the car running in lean burn. Need to pick the guy's brain - he also lives in the Bay Area.

About the supra TT - I love those cars. I have an 87 Supra Turbo putting out about 450hp. I'm thinking of getting a twin turbo bmw 335i.

About your smog results - i compared the #'s to my VX. It looks like your vx is putting out more HC than mine. I think I was putting out 9 PPM HC, but I did fail Nox. If yours is the norm, then my CA vx is running a bit lean even though it does not have lean burn mode.

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i really dont know if my numbers were the norm or not. i had an aftermarket cat welded into the exhaust downstream and it passed with flying colors, so i really think that a 49 state VX with a good OEM cat should still pass CA emissions.

so cool that youre doing the CA to 49 swap though, i hope it comes out well.
let us all know when you find a good price on a real L1H1, im sure i could use one as well.

i love supras as well, but yes the new 335 is like a supra under bmw skin, ive driven one and it really is awsome, but i might wait for the 335d to come out, supposedly around 40mpg and over 400 ft-lbs.

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