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Sweet, thanks. My main concern for my project is time as well, and with fall semester kicking back in on the 20th, I haven't much time to implement whatever security measure I intend to and that's why I seem a bit impatient over this immobilizer. An hour w/ a solder gun and shrink wrap will get me the 2 rockers, and I can always go back and add the magnet one at a later date. The project '89 HF is still in several pieces and now would be an opportune time to add a layer or two of cheap insurance, but I'll do what I can. Thanks again, Mak

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I think that the reed switch and a simple toggle under the dash labelled with "ALM BYP" on it. When the thief tries to start the car and fails, he immediately looks for the switch under the dash, knowing that most people go to chains like Circuit City for their installs and Circuit City makes no effort to hide anything. When he sees the ALM BYP switch, he'll hit it with a victorious smile on his face. Keep in mind, he'll still be stuffed up under the dash when he finds the switch. Now is the time to have that 160dB piezo alarm buzzer, also set under the dash and aimed at where the thief's ear would be, go off. Not only will he crap himself when that very high pitched noise perforates his eardrum, but he won't be able to get himself out very quickly. When he sues in court over the high pitched sound, your excuse is that you wanted the alarm to be heard outside the car, but the alarm needed to be inside, so you got an extra loud one and stuck it under the dash. How were you to klnow that the thief was going to stick his ear against the alarm emitter, then set it off? Nice thing about this setup is, only you have any business under your dash, nobody else important to you will.

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