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I did get into a skid when I was going around a turn a bit too fast driving in 4" of snow. It was scary but I maintained control. Good thing there was nobody going the other direction or it would of been 10x scarier.

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Yeah the old rabbits tend to over steer like crazy and pick up the rear inside tire on a sharp turn. The News had a demo of a sedan yeah 4 door with a trunk skidding out of control without stability control - but actually they were just really sliding the back end without correcting with steering into it so it was not really a fair test. Certain cars handle really well like my Geo believe it or not the independant rear suspension really did stick to the road and in the nearly 12 years of driving never gave me any trouble or skidded and I took exit ramps at 60mph that were marked 30mph. The braking was great too when they were working properly before they rusted up.

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In the ditch, 3x (same day) -- story hour

I will admit, that I've ended up stuck in the ditch as a result of snow -- but only one day. I was determined to work my shift.

But, 3 times that day found me stuck. I barely made it the 50-miles of backroads to work in the '97 Civic. The snow was well up to the sills of the stock DX and untreated roads with steep hills took many tries to accomplish. Once I got onto treated roads, it was fine.

Later that day, we were returning a non-emergent patient home in the E-350 van ambulance unit. I was the lucky driver and the patient lived in the middle of nowhere. We get to the driveway, and it took a steep 45-degree angle, upwards about 200 yards to the house. My partner and I didn't want to risk slipping with the stretcher trying to hoof it up to the house (I could just picture the patient sliding down the hill, sled-style)-- we had to give it a shot. With a running start and plenty of diesel torque, 3/4 of the way up, all traction was lost and we started to slide backwards. ABS probably would've helped steer backwards while sliding, but right into the ditch we gently plopped, nose up. After someone with a heavily modded Jeep helped take the patient to the house, it took both the Jeep and a tractor, to get us out (2-hours later). All tow-trucks were booked solid for hours, and we were on the non-emergency list that day. Not one of my best days as you will see

Luckily, no damage to the unit, so back to station we went as 2 other units saw the same fate. After a couple more calls on the emergency list, the 16-hour shift ended. Back into the Civic and homeward. On the last 2 miles of the carefully navigated trip, I hit the lowest altitude of the roadway, which had generated freezing fog on a slight bend. At around 25 mph (55 zone) I turned the wheel left, but the DX went straight -- into a field short of a creek. Firmly stuck again, it took a passerby in a 4X4 truck about 30 minutes to get me out. Damage: muffler split. Obstacles missed: "Slippery When Wet" sign.

Exhausted, on the way up another hill to the farm -- all traction was lost again, slid backwards and was was stuck in the rural road - sideways. I didn't dare take another move or unintended sliding in random directions occurred. I nearly said to hell with it. I walked the remaining mile, thawed out, and pulled it home with the farm truck.

In summation, ABS would've helped in every instance, and SC on the ice, and basically all day long, but honestly, those vehicles were definitely not made for unexpected snowstorms. It's easy to get yourself into a mess, but hard to get out of -- which is the point of the reflection -- SC can prevent that mess in many cases.

Let's do a poll (separate thread)

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Yes, it was rough

Originally Posted by theclencher
Sounds like in those situations you would have been screwed- ABS, SC, or not.
I agree. Whose to say that day anything would've helped -- but I was determined to get to work. We were short that day due to the weather, but I took some extra risks to get in and out on the road. I haven't seen snow like that since (except maybe for visiting the Ice Festival in St. Paul a couple years ago). Cars and trucks were just sliding into the ditch. With my wife and the in-laws in the car, I had a death grip on the wheel and took it easy. Made it back to KC alive with no close-calls in the rental Taurus. That winter it was -15F up there! My eyebrows froze and had icicles from the condensation of breathing. Clencher, were you around for that? I like to visit Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana and UP Michigan. Duluth was a nice visit for work this past year. I'd move to Madison immediately if I was asked

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If a peanut brain is driving a SUV far to fast and turns sharply there is no electronic device going to save him.

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