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VX Steering Wheel Compatible with Newer Models??

My 1992 VX steering wheel has detached, squishy cover issue so common on the older Civics. Are the later model steering wheels from the 96-00 models compatible with this car?

I searched but could not find anything on this.

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I did some searching on this a while back and from what I've read, not many Honda owners look into swapping steering wheels for another that has a functional airbag.

I think I read the spline count or size is different for the 96 up Hondas, but I can't say I'm entirely sure since I did look it up a while ago. If you look around the junkyards you can usually find 1 out of 20 civics that still has a good steering wheel. I got one for a few bucks when I bought some Si door panels, but when I tried to put it on I realized my tool-set lacked the proper tq driver to take off the airbag to install it. Keep that in mind that you will need a tq driver (i think that's what it's called, it's the metric star looking driver that doesn't hold anything else together on a civic that I've encountered while disassembling and restoring most of mine) to replace the wheel.

I think even if the newer one does bolt onto the column without a problem, I believe you would need the proper airbag "reel" that came factory on the 96 up steering wheel. And with you might be dealing with a different SRS system than in the 92-95, so if that's the case, i doubt there would be any easy way to get it to work for you.

Good luck with your squishy wheel.


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Just double check on the spine count, honda-tech will give you a definitely answer. And hopefully the airbag system are intangible, put your 92 in the 96+. Works on Subaru, don't know about Honda..
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The spline counts are exactly the same. That's including many if not all Acuras.

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The splines might be the same, but are the SRS Airbag wiring the same between EG & EF? I am pretty sure that it's not a plug-and-play for the airbag.

"Best" fitting OE Honda steering for VX would be JDM Integra Type R MOMO steering wheels w/ airbag. Plug and play, and smaller in diameter.
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The Squishy Grip Repair That Worked

There was nothing to lose in this experiment because my sixteen year old steering wheel was to be thrown away and I was actively seeking a replacement.

However, I decided to take a shot at fixing the squishy grip myself and can report back to anyone else who want to give this a try that it is well worth it and remarkably easy.

I removed the wheel completely, I noticed that there was a tiny (~1/8th inch) hole right at the top of the grip that faced inward to the dash, you'd never notice it. I figured what the hell, drill a few more holes into the squishy grip. They were spaced about three inches apart around the perimeter of the top half of the wheel.

Gorella Glue was used for its ability to slightly expand. I forced a small amount of water into those holes because Gorrela Glue needs it to activate. I jammed the tip of the Gorella Glue bottle into each of the holes I drilled and squirted some glue in and immediately wiped off any excess using Goof-Off. I wrapped the little holes that where now filled with glue tightly with electrical tape to keep the glue in the wheel and worked the glue around. I left it to dry for about six hours.

Success !! The wheel grip is tight as it could be, there is no distortion of the grip, there is nothing to distinguish it visually. I have a nice solid steering wheel, just the way it was many years ago.
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I just did the Gorilla Glue fix. Drilled 1/8" holes every other finger grip low spot. The entire top half of my steering wheel grip was loose. Put a few drops of water into each hole. Squished it around by moving the cover around. Turned so the holes were pointing down and drained any excess water out. Then I used a children's advil syringe to inject the gorilla glue. The nozzle of the syringe is bigger than 1/8" but it can be pushed into the hole. Put about 1/2ml of glue into each hole. Taped the holes shut with electrical tape and then squished it around to spread glue. I let it sit in the sun for about 15 minutes and noticed the glue was starting to push out from under the tape and harden on the outside of the wheel.
So I took the tape off and wiped the excess somewhat hardened glue off with lacquer thinner.
After about an hour in the sun I re-installed the wheel on the car. The next day I tried as hard as I could to tear the rubber grip loose. It's as tight as can be.
Great tip SCoupe!
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Glad the post prompted another member to give it a try. fyi, nearly a year later it still holds as firmly as the day after I did the fix.

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