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Originally Posted by Jay2TheRescue View Post
In the old days we used to get these special plastic bags that you hung on the radio knob, but now days radios don't have knobs. I have seen some small wastebaskets designed to rest on the transmission hump, but then again many cars have consoles, or are FWD so they don't have the transmission hump... As bad as this sounds I usually toss my trash in the backseat, and then collect it at the end of the day.

I usually throw mine in the passengers side floor board in my '88 Escort and collect it at the end of the month unless my wife gets tired of it being at her feet and cleans it out for me. LOL I also remember both the old knob trash bags (I think I may have used a couple of those) and the hump cans.

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Most glove boxen I've seen have a catch that can be released to let it pivot down further, past the point where stuff would fall out.

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You're driving a Hyundai. What's the difference?

OK, all kidding aside. I used to have a small plastic bag hanging from the power point (cigarette lighter). Most grocery stores give them out when you buy small stuff.

But my commute is so short now, I don't have any time to create any garbage.
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Originally Posted by theholycow View Post
The can holders that hook over the windowsill are alive and well at WalMart, and hooked onto my Buick.

In my GMC, which is very roomy, I hang a plastic shopping bag from the ash tray.

In my VW, I've got a small velcro-strapped trash bag that came with an accessory set. I strapped it to the inside of the center armrest (just past the hinge) and it hangs down in the backseat over the non-transmission hump.

However, you could certainly use the center console cubby commonly found under an armrest as a nice lid-equipped trash can. I'd just put a bag in it rather than try to fabricate a hard plastic liner, which would be difficult to do without wasting space.

I bet there's a product out there shaped like a large fast food drink cup that's made to be a trash can. If not, that one would be easy to make.
yea i saw those plastic ones at walmart, but they would not work for my chevette. mines got very narrow door pannels.

i really need the can holders that had the flexable clip that went between the window and weather strippign then just hung down, not rigid plastic...
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Try JC Whitney for more vehicle waste removal ideas. WM also has some TEENY trash cans in the housewares section. Also try your local WM car section for a car trash bag. Different auto parts stores stock them as well. I have different versions for my different vehicles, and my wife's car, well, it DOES have a passenger seat, two rear seats and the hatchback trunk area.....
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I spent some time figuring out what it'd take to make a center console trash can that matches the interior's style, but decided that, while doable, it'd be too much work since the glove box is working pretty well.

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I just take a small plastic bag and wrap one of the handles around the closer on my glove box, then close the glove box.

Not very elegant, but it works well.

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