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Ok so everything as far as the engine/tranny goes is bolted in place. Every connector has been connnected. Iv'e added coolant, oil, and tranny fluid.

I didn't pack the oil pump with vasoline like iv'e heard i'm supposed to but, I did fill an air conditioning charge kit with oil and pump it through the engine via oil sending unit. So the first time I start it oiling shouldn't be a problem.

Have suptech oil and fram filter for break-in incase you were wondering. After that I will be running castrol and wix.

I ran the wires to the vtec solenoid. If anyone knows which is ground on the oil temp sensor that would be great. I just guessed as of right now. And also is it ok to ground on the head.

The battery is more than dead but, hey **** happens.

I installed the rywire harness and plugged in the p28. (it has been base tuned for my y5 set-up if you were wondering)

It turns out this CAI my friend gave to me a while back is an actual aem set-up before the v2. So that's kinda cool. Pretty sure all piping is the same as any ebay CAI but, it makes me feel like a ricer.

Figured out the IACV and TB only communicate electronically and no air is sent between them, only coolant. So I have a line that goes from the back of the block to the head. I will probably change this when winter comes. TB is a z6 if it matters.

The prothane mounts are solid as a rock. I made lining up the tranny with the engine and mount pretty tiring. I got it though. I know it has been said to only ever use the rear insert mount but, I paid for all three top mounts so i'm going to use all three.

My header is a Ractive and was on the car when I bought it. I started leaking about a year ago no thanks to a bad rear engine mount (now I have a new mount and an insert). The way the exhaust shop fixed it was to stuff two pieces of pipe into it. It went from having a 2 1/4 outlet to about 1 1/2 which is pretty gay. So for now I have to reuse it. I just cut some of the collector off but, the majority, about 90%, of it still reamains.

I cleaned up the mating surfaces on the EGR valve and the plate across the top of the manifold and used a little rtv when placing the back on. So I don't think any vacuum leaks should evovle from there.

Also while the IM was off I cleaned it with some never dull. It's not the greatest but, it doesn't look dirty anymore and overall it helped the looks of my engine bay.

Just to see what some contrast looks like with my vtec-e valve cover I painted it with some extra chevy orange I had sitting around. Looks like **** honestly i'm going to let my friend paint it. My plan is to take it to him and let him spray it with whatever he has sitting around. Don't worry it should look damn good when he's done.

If any of you remember my axles are bad so for now I can't drive the thing. I am awaiting shipment of some Raxles.

I did re-use my sachs clutch. It only had just over 10,000 on it so I didn't wan't to waste any money on something I may not need for a while.

Also I found a cd of mine in cd player that I have been looking for forever.

Tommorow night my friend John is coming over to help me start it up and break it in. Hopefully just hopefully we can get it started. I personally for some reason have my doubts and am as nervous as one could be. He is the one that ported the head and is a very knowledgable guy. So his help is greatly appreciated.

That's about all I can think of for right now if you have any suggestions, tips or constructive critisism please feel free to comment. Questions are also greatly welcomed. If you think I might be able to help you just ask.

Wish me luck guys,

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Originally Posted by thisisntjared View Post
interesting, so with the gearing in 5th, what is the vehicles speed @ 4000rpm?
100.94mph in 5th at 4k rpm's. Not to bad in my opinion Sorry it to me so long to answer i've been busy lately

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Well I finally got it started!!

Have a few small problems but nothing I can't fix.

If you see smoke it's only coolant coming from the broken nipple on the housing. It's fixed now.
Second time starting it.

third time starting it.

Also never mind the valve cover or the intake that will all be changed as soon as I get it running good.

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