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98-04 Regal GS Aero mods

Hey guys, been doing ALOT of reading on this site, mostly in the aero dept. You guys are a.) very knowledgable and b.) insane for some of the stuff you guys do in terms of the looks of your vehicles to help with fe.

Anyways, Im pretty set on what im going to do to the front of my car, remove fogs and cover up lower portion of the bumper leaving the grill open for cooling purposes. Possible get some black rubber tubing and glue it around the headlights to help stop air from getting in that way. Next run a belly pan from the bottom of the bumper down and back of the lower subframe and use a louvered sheeting from DEI Thermotech around the trans pan nd oil pan area to help pull air out of the engine bay.

Now, my only question is what to do with the rear. Its like a giant chute in the wind. (dont have any pictures, but its pretty bad) What I was thinking about is from the front of the spare tire well back to the bottom of the bumper, run a sheet of aluminum. It will probably be about 3.5' long. The thing is, i really dont think i will be able to block off what will be above this panel. It is very curvy and blocky making it difficult or impossible to stop air from flowing up.

What i was thinking of doing is adding about 2.5-3" pieces of aluminum sticking down on either side of the plate ill use. (like a venturi tunnel) Then, DEI Thermotech makes a micro-louvered sheeting for purposes of cooling. Now Id cut a hole into the rear sheet and place a section of the louvred sheeting in its place, with the openings of the louvers pointed backwards of course. What Im seeing in my mind is the caught air between the sides of the plate will pull the air out from the upper bumper area via the louvers.

Its all kind of hard to do without pictures. Im at work, dont have my camera and cant even copy paste from noted websites on what im describing. But if some of you kind of get the jist of what i mean, what do you think about what im talking about?

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Sounds like it should work. It will be easier to see when you get pics.I took the easy way out and just screened the underside. Occasionally needs to be repaired. Sheet metal will look a lot better.
And yes some of those people are insane;

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Here is one picture. This is my friends regal. A quick throw together since he was seeing very high intake air temps. we narrowed it down to losing his air deflector in an accident and the air blows all the hot air up from the manifolds, etc. I had some sheet metal laying around and it was just big enough. This solved his problem, but im using it just as a reference picture. The one i make will be as wide as that entire frame piece. You can see the extra bits on the left and right. Then it will go underneath to the end of the subframe. Also, from the radiator to the front of the car, all of that will be covered up with sheet metal as well.

here is my car from a frontal shot. I was thinking of covering those 3 bottom holes. i looked a little closer and it seems i can flush mount a large plastic piece covering everything up nicely. it wont look too far from stock either as i will put the bend in it that the bumper follows so its not just a flat barrier. that is the only modification im sketchy about doing as im very picky with how my car looks. lol also, you can kind of see the gigantor air deflector under there that will be removed when i go through this process. My car is lowered as of 10/07 so this is an older picture. it was only lowered about 1.25" and the bottom of that deflector is now 4.5" from the ground. ive read some posts were the medium is around 5-5.5" for anything thats hanging off the car.

and i have no under pictures of the rear, so im going to use the best i have. but this is as close as i can get. its a grand prix taken frm the zzperformance website. its almost identical except they have dual exhaust and the bumper doesnt go as far back under the car as mine. the passenger exhaust cutout is where mine is. what i want to do is run the sheeting from the inner part of that cutout to about the same distance on the driver side, where a cutout would have been on my car. there is a farther away shot of a regal.

ill take my camera to work tommorrow , my jack is there as well, and ill see if i can get some good shots of my car from under the rear.

ill throw in a cheap side view to show the profile of the car. supposedly it already has a cd of .33 of what i have found on the web. this was a few weeks after being lowered but it has settled in as is a touch lower than this pic.

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