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Oldsmobile Aerotech

Here's an interesting car that Oldsmobile made in the mid 80's. They built it as a speed record breaker, but imagine the mileage you could get out of it at interstate speeds with an appropriate sized ICE and the right transmission ratios. They built this car in two versions, the long tail (boattail) and short tail (rear diffuser) that were otherwise identical. The longtail posted a speed of 278mph, the short tail 257mph, proving the superiority of the boattail in drag reduction. I couldn't find any data on its Cd, but it must have been very low. They were powered by a Quad 4 (4 cylinder). So the car companies know how to build low Cd car, they just choose not to put them into production. But just imagine the mileage that you could get out of a 4 seat version of this car at 70mph.

Long Tail

Short Tail

Long Tail


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So a boattail is good for a ~25&#37; reduction on a streamliner at those speeds. Crazy...

Originally Posted by FormulaTwo
I think if i could get that type of FE i would have no problem driving a dildo shaped car.
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the thing is can you imagine the average soccer mom trying to get that thing around the wallmart parking lot. you think her big suv is bad.
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LOL yeah I would love to drive that thing at 50mph in the left lane.
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i have a matchbox car of the short tail version .
Best tank= 81.23 mpg on july 1st 2008

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