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Pretty cool, nice bonus that is was cooler...interesting stuff.

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Originally Posted by dogncatboy View Post
How much do you think was the wheel covers? It'd be interesting to know.
I gained 4.4 MPG or so on the run this week. Based on previous test route evaluation, I think that I gained 2MPG with the wheel covers / well covers, and then another 2 with the airtabs...

this is based on the following

before well & wheel covers:
21.5 / 22.5 / 20.5 / 21.5

After covers / Before Airtabs, according to SGII
23.6 / 22.6 / 20.6 / 23.7

After airtabs installed, according to SGII
25.7 / 24.3 / 22.0 / 25.6

Hope this helps.

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Any chance you could post up your route?
Originally Posted by FormulaTwo
I think if i could get that type of FE i would have no problem driving a dildo shaped car.
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lovemysan -

Originally Posted by lovemysan View Post
CFG83 you need these on your wagon. the .36cd is screaming for them. I'm just not sure if they'll help me.
I was thinking the same. My car is white, so I could have white air tabs. I am conflicted because they aren't my aesthetic. I should copy the wheel covers first and see what happens.

I think the one thing that's kept me from doing a mod like this is the reversibility. I know I can reverse it with some good old-fashioned elbow grease, but I avoid mods that could effect the paint. That's not a cool excuse , but I can't help it.

jeffreymccoy -

Thanks for the weather information. That is a detail that is always in the back of my mind.

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From Apex, NC
440 Beltline
64 E
95 N
295 Richmond bypass
95 N
495 beltline
Snowden River Parkway Marriott Hotel

See it here...map is slightly off, due to the fact that I took the Richmond bypass for example. I dont know how to tell google to map that way..but here is the general route. My directions above are accurate. My mileage read 333 miles when I filled up in Columbia...

I dont have my ftp user credentials on my travel laptop, so I cant post the map pic right now, but use this link to see the route...

Google Maps Route
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Actually if you really wanted to make some airtabs then make them in a strip of plastic already properly spaced as one piece and apply the entire tab strip to teh top and sides of the car. Man I am thinking if it can help an F150 with that kind of mileage it should really make a difference in my xB.
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I saw an xB flying down the road today and thought the same thing - could be a big deal on the back of that square box.... I am going to apply them to the family chevy express van next. I think they do what they say they do... depends on the shape of the car as to how effective they are.
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It inspired me to add three air tabs to each side of my Jeep Liberty...they don't look out of place at all...maybe because there aren't so many. I do have to say that I was in a wicked crosswind with gusts up to ~30+ and the Jeep felt stable.
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seems like i have to look into these things again.

one things that i find puzleing is some people place them in FRONT of wheelwells.
while their overall results show an improvement i wonder what's the benefit of placing them there?

as to me it would seem like they would actually cause more air to enter the opening... wouldn't they be better placed BEHIND the wells? so that they reattacht the air that's messed up by the cavity ahead?

perhaps dirt accumulation could give a partial clue as to what goes on aerodynamically either way.

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Originally Posted by csrmel View Post
the price is a ripoff. you could make airtabs for 20 cents a piece with a vacuum molding machine.
You could duplicate them in sheet metal or plastic...though they claim their design flows better and is more efficient.

Like this:


flow from below...spaced 3 Vs per foot?

Leading the perpetually ignorant and uninformed into the light of scientific knowledge. Did I really say that?

a new policy....I intend to ignore the nescient...a waste of time and energy.
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