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Great, thanks Danronian.

Just out of curiosity, what about spoilers, ducktails, etc? I have to admit that I haven't done much digging, but in my wanderings, I haven't found any mention of them.

I've got one or two other major items to attack before I start doing aero mods (namely my trans conversion and new tires), but after that I'm going to get moving on them....

It's not directly an aero question, but does anybody know what the lightest 15" honda wheel is? All the vx wheels I've seen are 13", but I"m guessing that to keep my final drive ratio where I want it, I'd need a very tall sidewall tire (I'm running 16" wheels for now), and the extra weight of the rubber would probably negate a lot of the gains of the wheels.... Plus if my old hot rod memory serves, 15" salt flat discs are a dime a dozen compared to other sizes....

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side walls are usually very thin so trading wheel size for rubber sidewall usually makes the wheel/tire combo lighter. almost all the weight of a tire is in the tread. most 15in honda/acura wheels weigh in between 15 and 17lbs with the exception of the expensive/rare ones. has a good collection of oem and aftermarket wheel weights.

you might want to consider hx rims, especially in a crx. 14in and 12lbs.

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I run Hx wheels in the summer and VX wheels with snow tires in the winter...The HX's at right under 12lb each...if you want 15' I've heard the GSR blades are fairly might want to look aftermarket because most 15' Honda wheels are fairly pricey...

I just skimmed but for aero mods on the Del so I have a grill block, a front lip, the car is lowered, I am making a piece for under the rear to keep air from being caught in the bumper, I have some VG's I am mountingon the roof and I am fabricating a civic hatch spiler above the rear window to reduce turbulence...

For your CRX I wouldn't worry about a spoiler, the only one that might have a positive is the EDM (I believe its the European SIR Spoiler) that comes straight off the back...but the CRX already has a pretty good cd...

Oh also, Dan was talkign about my VX with the full grill block, the VX also has a much smaller rad then your CRX...its a about 1/2 the width but it is also only a single core unlike most of the 1/2 was the smaller honda rad I ever saw and the car never overheated...but I only had it in the winter before the car meet its fate
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I'll need to weigh my 16's before I make any decisions, but when I bought the car I figured that they were just cheapie alloys. I was surprised that they were "1 hand light" when I rotated the tires though.... It could be that I'm just used to the wheels on my 4x4....

I've looked at the rear bumper of my CRX. It sits much higher than the muffler/rear suspension and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to block that area off effectively. How are you going about it on your car? There's little enough to do on the top side of the crx that I'll probably progress to underbody mods pretty quick (although that really looks pretty good as well upon first inspection).

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