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Disappointed with interface

I have been using FUELLY since 2009 and have issues with the current interface. My first problem is we did the VW diesel buyback and bought a new car. Every time I add a fuel-up it defaults to our former car. If I don't remember to change it, I add the data to the wrong car. Then I have to delete the entry and add it again. FUELLY should default to the last car fueled-up.

Even worse, every time I type in the miles traveled off the gas receipt, I look up to discover my typing was discarded because an irritating box wants to know my location. Even after I click to make that box go away, it then comes back a second time to stop all input in its tracks. There needs to be a way to turn this off. Or better yet, have a button to trigger the location feature when you want to use it. Don't force it down our throats multiple times before we are allowed to enter fuel-up data, doubling the time it takes.

Default the fuel/grade to the last used so I don't have to re-select it every time I do a fuel-up.

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Figured out how to solve two of the above problems. Instead of clicking on add a fuel-up from the car list interface, first click on the desired car and then click add fuel-up. This defaults to the correct car and gasoline type. The only thing remaining is how to stop getting slammed with the location request box.

The important data for FUELLY to capture is date, distance traveled, fuel used, and cost per unit of fuel. Everything else is either secondary or frivolous and should not get in the way of collecting the critical data.

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This is related to BlueBessie's comment about Location. I don't allow any of my browsers to track my location for 99 percent of the sites I visit because I'm a paranoid IT professional and it's not relevant. Because I'm entering data on my computer, the location of my computer rarely has a bearing on the location where I purchased fuel, especially if I've been traveling. I would still like to add a location where I purchased the fuel (ESPECIALLY WHEN I'VE BEEN TRAVELING), but I'm forced to use the Notes field for this because the logical place to enter Location information (the LOCATION field) is disabled. Longitude and latitude are ridiculously over-precise for ordinary humans (and even for me, an admittedly anal-retentive human). "Shell Oil in Gordonsville TN" or "BJs Fuel in Albany NY" would be precise enough for me, so why not allow it?

I've been tracking the fuel-ups on my car since I purchased it and have made several cross-country trips and numerous regional trips where the location of my computer when entering the data is up to 3,000 away from where I actually purchased the fuel.

I'm genuinely curious about why there isn't a simpler way to indicate where I purchased my fuel. (And I'm also kvetching.)
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The location is more for the forums.
If you come on here asking why your fuel economy is down, and you don't post where you are, nor have location filled, responders can't take into account location and climate variables.
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