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Fuelly and aCar Updates and Development

As sort of an aside to a question I submitted to support yesterday, I received an answer to a question many here, including me, have been wondering about. It has been a long time since real development and feature implementation on aCar stopped. Fuelly may not be so noticeable since it was more mature when aCar was purchased and when work on integrating the two began a couple or few years ago. This is a direct quote in an email from support yesterday in response to my asking again when trip records will be integrated into aCar. The response references Fuelly not aCar for some reason, but I guess it applies to my question.

From email yesterday:
"It will be some time before the trip records are displayed in Fuelly. The programmer for Fuelly is currently working on other projects."

This was from 8 months ago:
Originally Posted by EMY92 View Post
The ability to view/edit trips and some other aCar records that currently do not appear in Fuelly is on our "to do" list, but we need to complete some other projects before we begin this.
There have been many other questions about the pace of development in the years since Fuelly acquired aCar. A lot did happen a year ago when the beta aCar was being worked on. But once that was released last summer, things seem to have ground to a halt. Unfortunately given the email I received yesterday, what we have now is likely what we will have for the foreseeable future. Features like trip records, and other things people have asked about, that have not been integrated yet may not be anytime soon.

This is disappointing to us long time users, but from what I can discern in posts and email, there is only one person capable of working on Fuelly and aCar and that person has been and will continue to be working on other projects.

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It has now been another 6 months with nothing done with this or with updates or development of the Android app and the web interface. Seems like all the posts here on the forums regarding the Android app over the past several months are complaints about the lack of development or complaints about the change to pro licensing. It is really sad how support and development of the Android side of Fuelly has come to a crashing halt over the past couple of years. Can getting the records contained in the Android app to display on the website really be so difficult and time consuming that it can not be done?

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We are a small team with many different sites. The programmer who works on Fuelly has had other projects on some of our other sites that generate much more revenue. The revenue from those sites help pay for additional Fuelly development.

We do have plans for the next version of both our iOS and Android app. The next version will incorporate the power of aCar, but be much more user friendly. We also have several features that we want to add. Those features are not feasible to add to the current code in either the iOS or Android apps.

The current plan is to have matching apps for both mobile operating systems as well as a new Fuelly.com site that is completely integrated with the apps.
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