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Manage aCar app data on the web

I would like to add more detail to my service rec "notes" area, such as a full list of part numbers used, price of each part, and other info.

Copying and pasting between multiple windows on a phone is slow and tedious. Also, typing is generally faster for most of us when we are on a keyboard/laptop.

Is there any hope of getting a web API set up to allow us to view/manage service recs from a PC/laptop AND have that data sync with what is shown in our mobile version?

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As of 2016 acar was testing this, but I can't reply to this thread as it is "too old".

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I was using the app with a lot of enthusiasm last year as the beta version was being worked on. But in the end, I have lost some of that enthusiasm because of the very slow pace of development. I still love the app and the fact that some of the information from service reccords in aCar was made available in the web interface/website. But there is still along ways to go and things happen so slowly.

I believe I posted a question like yours and about frustration with not seeing all my aCar Android app data on the website over a year ago. Today nothing has changed with that. You can click into the edit a record page and see the data on one record at a time, but on your website dashboard, pretty much none of the information entered into aCar is displayed and there is no way that I have ever found to customize what is displayed on the dashboard. It would be a big help to be able to at least display the odometer readings for all service records and not have to click down into each one just to get that. You can also play around with entering different data into other fields in the app and then see where it might become available on the web, but that does not really seem to improve anything.

Anyway, my point is mainly just that you should not get your hopes up for any changes like you ask for. They have been requested before and there is always a reason why it does not happen. The explanations seem reasonable but the timetable for improvements is not.

on edit: Just found one of those previous threads that asked about the same sort of functionality you do. That thread was started in June of 2015. Other threads on similar topics are from 2016. So it has indeed been a looong time this has been being asked for.
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