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2 weeks and 3,100 miles latter...

So I made a little trip from Wisconsin to Vermont, and had a great time! I took a friend along, all I had to say was "your half of the gas will be less then $100 round trip" and we were off!
we started out with around 226,300-ish miles on the car, travled just over 3,100 miles, used around 66 gallons of gas (had a 3rd passenger for part of the return trip, their turn to fill the tank cost them a total of $13) and came to a total of nearly 48 hours of drive time round trip if you roughly subtract gas station stops, and other rest stops.
on the way east we had good weather with a slight tail wind, and were getting tanks in the 50-53mpg range, spending alot of time going 70-75mph, on the return trip we had that 3rd passenger for 1000 miles, some bad weather, strong head wind, a bit of pounding rain, and some getting lost, and road construction, and only saw one tank in the 50's, most in the mid 40's, one that was 37mpg (strongest head/side wind, 70mph speed limit).
over all it was a great trip, altho around central New York state my tranny desided that it was hungry or something, and developed this amazing growel, of course I knew what it was, a year ago a Honda dealer told me that my tranny mainshaft bearing had a slight wine, and it appears to have gotten louder... much louder, so what am I to do? make a quick tranny fluid change, all I could get was 10w 30 (had 5w 30 in it) and the sound quited, so I kept heading east (away from home), we got to all the places we planed to go, and even made it home, my tranny still sounds bad, but hasn't gotten much worse yet, I told the car that if it got me home I would replace the tranny at 230,00 miles, so today I went out and got a new (to me) tranny, and clutch kit, and tomarow I'll try to pick up all those other little bits, engine main seal, drive shaft seals, drive shaft clips, shift shaft pin, (what else do I need to replace?) and then start looking at what all needs to come appart to fix this little tranny groweling problem.

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Sounds like a fun trip.

Where in Vermont did you go? I am originally from there.
- UfoTofU

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