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My 94 VX will hit a deuce & 1/4 this week.

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Originally Posted by ALS View Post
I have 359,500 on my 1987 Volvo Turbo wagon. I'm planning on replacing it at 400,000. I'm getting a little tired of the car. 21 years it's time for a new daily driver.
that old, that many miles you arent gonan get crap for it... less than $1k. might as well drive it till it blows

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That is about what it is worth. The reason I haven't replaced it is the replacement cost. Plus there is no rust and the interior is in great shape.
The gas mileage isn't bad. 20-21 city and 29-30 highway. I just am getting tired of the car. Annoying little problems are starting to get under my skin. I have three hundred fifty dollars in parts in my back seat. The lumbar support in the seat broke. $50 in parts. Now I had to spend $300 for a new hatch handle and lock cylinder. The lock went south about 5 years ago due to the salt and crap thrown up on the hatch at speed. I could live with that except the handle now broke and I can't open the hatch from the outside. Climbing over the seat to open the hatch is getting old. I figure another 1.5 to 2 years it will be time to replace the car. $3.50-$4.00 gas has made the need for a newer vehicle mandatory that the fuel mileage is at least 4- 5 mpg better in the city and 7 to 10 mpg better highway mileage a necessity.
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is there anyway you can have 2 cars? keep this one and drive it occasionalyl till it blows.

arent there any junkyards near you? could always repalce the seats with out of somehting newer, heck i put 2003 blazer bucket seats in my 95 s-10 to replace the worn out bench seat. felt like a new truck!

im thinking about replaceing the chevettes with somehitng abit better condition but noone has any modern red seats! or black ones...
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I've got 190K on the Benz (with original everything except timing chain, oil filter, T-stat, and A/C R-12 to 134 swap) I would like to keep this one for ever, it's just so nice on the highway, but the fuel injection system is so antiquated.

so In a year or two, I should have the big 200k. The Civic is at 186k, I've never owned a car with less than 100K. My old motorcycle (1976) only needs 192,368 more haha. Giving it an average of 240 miles/year!!! or about 6 gallon/year!
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cool stories. I got my 93 civic in 2005 with 163k on it. had the timing belt/water pump done at 165K and replaced the 02 sensor at 170K. other than that I have not had to put a nickel into it other than oil changes and gas. next timing belt is due then about 255K With the rust the car has now, I cannot see putting another belt in it by then. the motor is going to outlast the body.
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254K miles on my 1987 Civic. 253K on my wife's 1992 Nissan 240SX.

2 years ago, I had 250K on my 1987 Acura Intergra- but someone hit me and totaled it.
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Re: 200k

227k+ on my 91 S-10 Blazer and going strong-transfer case only thing original!
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Re: 200k

wow, this is an old thread...

well, since I'm here. cavalier recently ticked over 237.5k miles. motor and trans original. I got her at 95k so we have quite a history. I was hoping to get to around 120k. it's funny thinking back. oh, and it's a 1997 if that matters.
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Re: 200k

275K on my '96 C1500. I had a few Hondas that I sold with over 200K (highest was 278K. When I was working at a dealership, I sold a '93 Accord with 412K.

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