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9-11 A Woman's View

.by Celeste Saxon Slatter on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 10:45am.

So, today is 9/11 and I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news. I was at my in-laws house in Jacksonville sitting on the couch watching my little ones play. Inlaws were at the church and Nate had just gotten a job in Sugarland. Nate called me as soon as the 1st plane hit and everyone was still thinking it was some sort of freak accident. My inlaws didn't have a TV or the internet (yeah, they were Pentecostal , so Nate was my eyes and ears that day.

I remember being confused and wondering what in the world was going on and where would they crash next and oh my God, what if they targeted all major cities. When I finally saw the footage, I was horrified and heartbroken. Even though I knew none of those people and I lived so far away, I wept and grieved for what had just happened to my brothers and sisters. I felt a bond with my fellow Americans that day.

I felt proud to be American when I witnessed the generosity and kindness of absolute strangers. I remember a story on the news of a man in Los Angeles who wanted to help but lived too far away. He wanted some visible way to show his support and solidarity...so he stood on the overpass of a busy interstate and waved the American flag for hours and hours. That was his way of saying, "I'm here and I'm with you".

Did I feel angry and wish for vengeance and retaliation? Did I feel some measure of fear over the next few days/weeks/months when the terror alert changed colors? Sure, but mostly I felt grief and empathy, along with a surge of love and unity. More powerful than devastation and helplessness was the strength and comfort that we all found in one another...I truly believe that this was one of America's strongest days.

It wasn't about conservatives or liberals or religions or races or financial status. We all came together regardless of backgrounds or beliefs to serve in whatever way we could. How powerful it is when we become one with our fellow man and unite for a common purpose. There is no limit to our greatness and what we could achieve if we would all unite behind one common goal.

I love my country...I get frustrated many times when I see the direction some would like to take it, but I'm still proud to be an American. I am thankful I was not born in a 3rd world country or someplace where I am automatically a slave or piece of property because of my gender. I appreciate the right to vote, speak up, pack heat, and wear what I want. I read stories of women, who even in the year of 2010 are still put to death by stoning or receive 99 lashes as penalty for the most minute of "infractions".

I'm proud that my daughter will never know what it's like to be sold into a marriage at age 12 to a man old enough to be her great grandfather, and become just another one of his wives. I'm proud that my son will not be drafted into early manhood by fighting some holy war or degrading women.

I'm especially thankful for the separation of church and state. I'm glad that some religious ruler somewhere does not have the power to condemn me to death because I have a difference of opinion. I'm thankful I can pursue God how I please without fear of being jailed or burned at the stake.

I'm also glad that I have options. Our country may be far removed from what the founding fathers intended; we may disagree on many issues; but the truth is, if you are an American, you have options. You have choices that people in other countries only dream about, who would risk their lives to get here and share in the American Dream. Yes, I have options. I can start my own business or work for someone else; grow my own food or buy it from the store; home-school my kids or send them to private school; buy & drive my own car or walk; go to college or become self-eduated. I also have the option to remain ignorant, live off the sweat of others, sit on my lazy butt all day, put up excuses as to why I can't succeed, and blame my failure on others. My success depends on my willingness to do whatever it takes to get to wherever I want to go. I'm only limited by me, not by of a lack of options.

For all that's wrong with America, there's a lot right and good and just. America may consist of arrogance, and hate and thugs and freeloaders and bullies, but it is also made up of love, friends, neighbors, entrepreneurs, decent law abiding citizens who contribute, work their butts off everyday, who will stand up and fight for the underdog and fight with you against injustice. We may feel a little self-righteous as a nation because of our 'moral highground', and we may think that our way is the best way and feel like we need to police the world...however, Americans are the first to step up and give when there is a tsunami, a hurricane, a flood, an earthquake or a famine.

We will never forget what happened on September 11, 2001. We'll always remember the tragedy...it will be reflected in history books long after we're gone. But alongside the tragedy, it should also be told of the great unity on that day. I hope future generations will gain inspiration and pride when they look back at us and our reactions to this catastrophe.

Thank you God that I'm an American!!!

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Re: 9-11 A Woman's View

well, i enjoyed that, and would like to add a bit of humor to a recent and serious development. true story...

there is a customer on my route that is a New York Arab. he asked me something yesterday, knowing i'm a Christian (and i look fully caucasian). he said, "so, are you going to burn a Koran tomorrow as well?"

thinking for a moment, i replied, "nah, but it is the start of the NFL season, and i AM a Miami Dolphins fan, so i'd consider burning a New York Jets flag!" he laughed.
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