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Never miss a good revenue generating opportunity...


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Does anyone mind if I go off on a tangent?

Originally Posted by Jim T. View Post
Otherwise known as taxation without representation?
I thought about this the other day: We probably all agree that taxation without representation is bad. What about representation without taxation? I don't think it's possible, since I can't imagine who manages to live without directly paying some sort of tax. Maybe someone with no income in a state without sales tax?

It was just a stray thought...

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Speeding tickets are expensive now and a cash cow for all the towns and the state up here. There is usually light traffic on the interstate up here and most people speed and the troopers will get you. They will never increase the speed limit as it is 65 now. Besides, there are way too many deer and I see several fresh road kills every time I am on the interstate. The woods around town here are also full of deer. You have to be real careful with your speed even on the back roads too.
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There is no end to the good do-gooders will do with someone else's money.

May I suggest re-reading this entire thread.

Whole lotta talk about how 'other people' should do what the writer thinks is best.

Do we really want to change America into someplace else?

By the way; the freeway camera's are already here. You ain't seen nothin yet!
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I think that the key problem is that people are not responsible for THEIR actions. this entire thread, I have been spouting this. the cameras which are extremely expensive just suck money from the given city that they are placed in.

if there is a huge problem with street racing in anyones are, then that shows a problem with proper enforcement of the laws that are already in place or the concequences of those laws when they are enforced.

have I broken the law before? yes
did I have to pay the consequences? yes
did I learn from it? yes

the most important thing....was I in the wrong for breaking the law? yes.

by breaking the law, I mean speeding

Be the change you wish to see in the world
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