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Battleship and Chernobyl Diaries

Battleship, was one of the all American, or I'd even say, one of the new, G.I. Joe style, ultra American movies. Typical loser, joins the Navy and becomes a captain, believable? Maybe? Wants to marry the Admirals daughter, who is a combination bikini girl, super model, Maybe-Kinda? And takes on an alien invasion to save the world. If they could have taken the characters down 5 or 7 notches, it would have been a great movie. My favorite scene was when the Might Moe, the Battleship Missouri, takes on the aliens with her 9, 16 inch guns. Who ever made this tried too hard, less would have been more, with this movie.

It reminded me of Pearl Harbor, an hour and 45 minutes of a stupid puppy love story, and 25 minutes of great action.

Chernobyl Diaries, this movie could have been a 10. Great script, great acting, spooky, scarry, slow burn pacing. It followed Alien, in its slow demise of the actors. People even shushed me, for eating my pop corn too loud, during suspenseful scenes. There were so many cool things about this movie. I almost loved it. Then the ending came in 3 minutes. It was just chopped off. I felt like I was lifted up and thrown out of the theater. It was way too good of a movie, just to have it end so abruptly. I hope alternate endings will be on the DVD.
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