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So, I thought I cracked the code of the best route to work about a year ago. 4-lane divided parkway, 45 mph limit, limited traffic -- then onto the highway with good elevation changes, no backups, and good P&G.

Since then, they've added 4 traffic lights, and reduced the speed limit by 10 on most of it.

Granted, the lights were a necessity in one spot as 2 roads converge on the main road, in an offset, on a hill -- too many accidents. They work by turning the 4-lane red in one-segment, wait 5-seconds to clear the dead-spot, and turns the second light red. The offset roads turn green and traffic turns into the deadspace to stop at the reds. Then, both 4-lane lights turn green.

The 3rd light was simply to slow down traffic

4th -- on another hill for left-turners (usually not a factor)

Before: Engine-cut at 45-50, coast for a couple miles downhill, turn left, engine re-start.

After: Slow to 40 as patrols ramped-up (momentum lost), EOC. Oops: Light "B" turns Red. Stop mid-hill, all momentum lost. Restart, accel, and pass coordinated light 2 ("C"), Neutral Coast to the left turn -- traffic approaching -- timing left turn with braking -- NOO -- Light "D" turns Red as one car trips it. Cut engine and wait. Restart and go.

Before: Turn right, head up the hill.

After: Light "D" -- hopefully someone trips it on your behalf: turn right to slowly accel up hill, no pressure from behind (advantage). Offset roads: the dreaded possible Red on an uphill. Cut engine and wait -- a while (as 2 intersections are cleared). Restart, and begin on an uphill -- argh. All of this started today. Timing is impossible as the lights are tripped by vehicles that approach before you see them coming.

So, I tried Route "C" when the lights were in the 2-week "yellow-blink" phase and it was nothing but 4-way stops. Option "A" is all high-pressure, high-speed highway.

So, anyways, has your traditional route changed, or have you changed your traditional route???
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