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Death of the Chronicle

This is a 'Letter to the Editor, I just submitted.

The San Francisco Chronicle will be sold or closed if they cannot find a way to become profitable.

Seems to me there is a very simple way for the Chronicle, or any newspaper, to immediately become profitable. But they won't do it.

Here are the step-by-steps;

Print only complete stories. No 'today's news. No 'breaking news' items. No 'Headline News' stories, all for the simple reason that newspapers cannot hope to begin to compete with the true 'instant' information outlets; text messages, the internet, radio, and TV.

Back in the days of Perry White, an Editor who thought a story was worthwhile assigned reporters to follow it until it was over, wrapped up, put to bed, completed, finished and done.
No story went to press unless it was verified by at least three sources.

Is there any reason proper reporting can't be re-instituted, with actual facts being reported, a complete story being told from beginning to end and in a manner that brings all the side stories together to a complete picture? No.
The only reason this does not happen is that newspapers have become viewpoint outlets and the readers know it and refuse to pay to be propagandized.

The New York Times had a story about the Mortgage September 1999.
What would have happened if they had followed the story, rather than burying it?
Why do the rest of us have to find this information from Rush Limbaugh and not our local NEWS outlet?

Oh, well. I feel better now that I've vented.

Concord, CA

The link:

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limbaugh, hannity, and the like could also be in trouble as the (un)fairness doctrine has been revived.

for you all that wish to avoid political discussions remember...

the same goes for religious radio as well. besides, being an independant, i like to here the freedom of speech of BOTH sides.

is the SF chronicle worth saving? some papers around here, well...

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shatto: That is a DAMN fine idea! Way to go on thinking outside of the box! It isn't often that I hear good ideas out of people who really dig deep, and man, you hit the nail on the head. You made my day.
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