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Originally Posted by bowtieguy View Post
IQ, education, talent, entitlement, inheritence, social status, and country club memberships ALL, yes ALL take a back seat to desire.

desire to...

work towards success, work hard no matter the pay or circumstances, do the right thing, be independant, give tough love, achieve wealth, etc

the poverty mindset is THE most critical obstacle keeping the poor, poor in America!

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For the sake of those who are not Ditto Heads and Blood Brothers of The Huffington Post, people who really know where they and their party stand, I offer the following clarification;

Conservatives, in direct contradiction to the popular notion put forth by the media, want people to become as much as they want to be and their God given talents and abilities will take them.

Conservatives oppose the left's thought that equality can only be achieved by 'making everybody equal' for the simple reason that, in order for this to occur the left destroys prosperity and makes everybody equally retched and unhappy.
We have proved that when people are successful, the lot of everybody improves. We call it; "A rising tide raising all boats."

Conservatives believe in baking another pie. Liberals believe there is only one pie and the only way for someone to get rich is to take money from the poor. Can we say oxymoron?

Conservatives count success by the number of people who no longer need assistance. Liberals think success is the numbers of people on welfare.

Conservatives believe the government ought to restrict itself to the parameters of The Constitution.....that government is not the answer and in fact creates more problems with it's attempts to correct problems, real and perceived.
We believe the answer is with the real people who make our nation run, not government. Liberals think the government is not only the answer but that government should run everything.

Got that?

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I could take that last post apart in a few ways shatto, but compensating for the obvious bias, there are still inconsistancies with that view which suggests that Conservatism does not equal Republicanism. So the question is what alternative?

The idea that Liberals are destroying the country is a ridiculous one with 8 years of Bush II to follow up on. **** sandwiches are pretty much all you can make when somebody serves you a bunch of ****!


I think, therefore I doubt.
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