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Energy Independence

Energy is one of the areas the world is getting interested in. Almost the whole of the world depends on energy today. With the finite sources of energy slowly becoming extinct, it has become important to turn towards other sources of energy. Other sources of energy include the renewable sources that can be replenished again. Unlike the finite sources, these sources do not contribute towards the environmental degradation and help in saving the planet.

The energy consumption in the world is going up by the day. It is estimated that by the year 2030, it will increase by 40% worldwide. Today itself, the energy consumption is pegged at 500 exajoules. All this indicate that there is a huge potential for investment in the world energy sector. Currently, the return from investment in energy sector is calculated to surpass 650%. This makes the investment, lucrative as well as highly secure.
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what are you going to be selling us? lol

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notice that his number of posts are 0 (ZERO)

what's up with that.

spammers are kind of fun sometimes especially with jay and holycow bringing the heat
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Originally Posted by BEEF View Post
notice that his number of posts are 0 (ZERO)

what's up with that.
In order to keep people from artificially running up post count, posts in some forums don't count toward users' post counts.

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And by the way, with regards to the original poster's question, financial investment in the energy sector has been quite lucrative over the past several decades. However, with respect to the world running out of energy, keep in mind that this probably won't happen in our great-grandchildrens' lifetimes, so that (by itself) probably isn't a great reason to invest your hard-earned money at this time.

Not to mention, I am skeptical of "passive" statistics - "it is estimated" is one of those phrases.

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As of: 9-16-09
List of Industry Groups.
Name No. of Stocks Stock Rate of Return (%)

Jewelry & Silverware ($JEWLRY) 14 +83.88%
Casinos & Gaming ($CASINO) 68 +69.50%
Printing Services ($PRINTG) 22 +63.77%
Chemicals - Plastics & Rubber ($CHMRUB) 26 +62.65%
Photography ($PHOTOG) 13 +60.65%
Computer Storage Devices ($CMPSTR) 27 +60.17%
Coal ($CCOALL) 50 +59.90%
Iron & Steel ($ISTEEL) 39 +56.26%
Office Supplies ($OFFSUP) 10 +54.21%
Furniture & Fixtures ($FURNIT) 39 +53.97%
Mobile Homes & RVs ($CAMPER) 12 +53.28%
Money Center Banks ($BANKMC) 46 +53.25%
Appliance & Tool ($APLNCE) 32 +53.25%
Crops ($ACROPS) 27 +51.87%
Hotels & Motels ($HOTELS) 34 +51.56%
Real Estate Operations ($REOPER) 285 +48.56%
Apparel/Accessories ($APPARL) 70 +48.21%
Auto & Truck Parts ($CARPRT) 91 +47.81%
Paper & Paper Products ($PAPERP) 41 +47.77%
Retail (Catalog & Mail Order) ($RTMAIL) 36 +47.31%
Retail (Apparel) ($RTAPRL) 62 +44.75%
Metal Mining ($METALS) 393 +44.26%
Construction - Raw Materials ($BLDRAW) 33 +42.82%
Tires ($TIRESS) 9 +42.75%
Rental & Leasing ($RENTAL) 41 +42.26%
Computer Networks ($CMPNET) 50 +39.90%
Personal Services ($SVSPER) 39 +39.52%
Advertising ($ADVERT) 59 +39.36%
Airline ($AIRLIN) 43 +39.08%
Regional Banks ($BANKRG) 577 +38.81%
Textiles - Non Apparel ($TEXTLE) 12 +38.37%
Containers & Packaging ($CONTNR) 51 +38.31%
Misc. Fabricated Products ($FABPRD) 75 +38.30%
Insurance (Life) ($INSLIF) 46 +38.24%
Computer Hardware ($CMPTRS) 35 +38.16%
Railroads ($RAILRD) 20 +37.50%
Semiconductors ($SEMICO) 262 +37.28%
Consumer Financial Services ($FSCONS) 107 +36.72%
Electronic Instr. & Controls ($ELECTR) 254 +36.63%
Security Systems & Services ($ALARMS) 59 +36.07%
Recreational Products ($LRTOYS) 75 +35.69%
Construction Services ($BLDSRV) 142 +35.31%
Water Utilities ($WATERU) 27 +35.02%
Constr. & Agric. Machinery ($BLDMCH) 31 +34.92%
Recreational Activities ($LRPLAY) 57 +32.87%
Office Equipment ($OFFEQP) 13 +32.53%
Investment Services ($BROKER) 168 +31.80%
Fabricated Plastic & Rubber ($FABRUB) 27 +31.64%
Broadcasting & Cable TV ($BRDCST) 100 +31.60%
Conglomerates ($CONGLM) 31 +31.44%
Forestry & Wood Products ($LUMBER) 25 +31.30%
Beverages (Alcoholic) ($BEVALC) 38 +30.99%
Software & Programming ($SOFTWR) 537 +30.70%
Insurance (Miscellaneous) ($INSMSC) 24 +30.56%
Computer Services ($CMPSRV) 333 +29.87%
Trucking ($TRUCKS) 36 +29.65%
Gold & Silver ($GLDSLV) 911 +29.17%
Constr. - Supplies & Fixtures ($BLDFIX) 75 +29.01%
Misc. Transportation ($TRNMSC) 50 +28.95%
Scientific & Technical Instr. ($SCIINS) 135 +28.65%
Communications Equipment ($COMEQP) 197 +27.45%
Computer Peripherals ($CMPEQP) 58 +27.26%
Air Courier ($AIRCOU) 9 +27.18%
Biotechnology & Drugs ($BIOTRX) 684 +26.60%
Misc. Capital Goods ($MSCGDS) 179 +26.57%
Oil Well Services & Equipment ($OILSRV) 189 +25.51%
Insurance (Prop. & Casualty) ($INSPPY) 121 +25.44%
Printing & Publishing ($PBLSHG) 77 +25.43%
Medical Equipment & Supplies ($HTHEQP) 316 +24.82%
Healthcare Facilities ($HTHFAC) 154 +24.20%
Communications Services ($COMSRV) 301 +24.10%
Motion Pictures ($MOVIES) 53 +23.75%
Water Transportation ($WATERT) 58 +23.63%
Retail (Specialty) ($RTNONA) 100 +23.03%
Business Services ($SVSBUS) 337 +21.91%
Misc. Financial Services ($FSMISC) 2036 +21.54%
Beverages (Nonalcoholic) ($BEVNON) 44 +20.93%
Food Processing ($FODMFG) 152 +20.72%
Insurance (Accident & Health) ($INSACC) 26 +20.17%
Natural Gas Utilities ($NATGAS) 73 +19.81%
Chemical Manufacturing ($CHMMFG) 188 +19.71%
Waste Management Services ($WASTEM) 95 +19.15%
Aerospace & Defense ($AIRDEF) 94 +18.90%
Oil & Gas - Integrated ($OILINT) 105 +18.59%
Electric Utilities ($ELECTU) 154 +18.34%
Footwear ($FOOTWR) 19 +18.02%
Major Drugs ($MAJRRX) 32 +17.05%
Retail (Drugs) ($RTDRUG) 25 +16.85%
Tobacco ($TOBACO) 11 +16.72%
Schools ($SCHOOL) 49 +15.88%
Oil & Gas Operations ($OILPRD) 659 +15.44%
Audio & Video Equipment ($AUDVID) 43 +14.58%
Personal & Household Prods. ($PERPRD) 70 +14.20%
Retail (Home Improvement) ($RTHOME) 14 +13.77%
Restaurants ($EATING) 91 +13.54%
Non-Metallic Mining ($NONMET) 94 +13.06%
Retail (Technology) ($RTTECH) 18 +11.22%
Retail (Department & Discount) ($RTDEPT) 24 +10.89%
Retail (Grocery) ($RTFOOD) 50 +10.45%
S&Ls/Savings Banks ($BANKSL) 214 +8.12%
Auto & Truck Manufacturers ($CARMFG) 38 +5.77%
Fish/Livestock ($AGRLIV) 9 +4.22%

Index data is real time. NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OPRA, TSX and Futures data delayed at least 15 minutes. 09/17/09 01:53:14 EDT
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Just in general my 2 favorite alternative energy systems are both solar, but not just the solar cures all stand. The first is the middle east proposed reflective tower, simple aim a bunch of mirrors at a tower filled with sodium, run it through a heat exchanger and spin a turbine. Simple cheap. The sodium stays warm all night into the next day so its sollar that stores its energy to run at night.

The next is the Arizona Project, its proposed to build a 100 mile square group of photo voltaic cells, the project much like windmills has already ready started and hoping to collect enough investors to build it cell by cell. It only runs during the day, so it is supposed to cut 50% of America's power consumption and green house gasses.

Now these are cheap, nuke plants take 10 years and fusion is still far away. Hydrogen gulping fuel cells are still developing, ocean current technology has small boat sized generators, and old king coal and natural gas still make Co2.

Anybody got the recipie for Dylithium? A 1 million person bike that every peddles for an hour a day? 10 years ago a person told me to invest in water, he was a single booth at a trade show and he was selling Texas water rights. Due to the increasing usage of water in growing towns and agriculture, Texas has run out of water and is pumping processed sewage back to the leach fields to percolate through the rocks and refill the water tables. There are now a bunch of guys selling and trading water right in America.

What has the greatest bang for the buck energy wise without polluting the planet in the process. And to the original question, can you make a buck off it.

I rather like Shatto's list of area's to invest, does anyone watch Bloomberg, its a different reality when money is involved.
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I guess Mr. Hightower hasn't returned...


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