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the lowest i've seen it 2.70 with a 5cent discount at the Speedways around here. some gas stations are slow about changing they're pricing, one gas station is still selling gas at 3.59 with all the other around it( and i mean just a block down the road) are selling it for 2.85-2.89.

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Originally Posted by thisisntjared View Post
... it really is not that big of a deal. this correction is still better off now than we were in 87 and definitely better than the early 1900s. the sky is not falling chicken little.

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Heard on the radio today that the average price of a gallon of regular nationwide is 295.9/ gallon. Here the cheapest is about 325.9/gallon. It's wonderful to live in a place which is so "above average"!
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2.39 what i paid but i just checked and it is going for 2.35. I think that since this economy is so bad that gas is being used as a economic stimuls.
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no the price of oil dropped, nobody is using gasoline to aid the economy, it just happens to be doing that on its own
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It's probably not entirely coincidental -- the high price of gas probably was part of what caused the mess, and then the mess resulted in lowered demand (and increased hypermiling / alternative fuel study), which prompted the lower price.

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