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Fellow Gun Nuts

This is from a thread at: DTO
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You might be interested in the conversation, which will be similar to ours, but a bit different.
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PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2009 8:39 pm Post subject: My fellow gun nuts Reply with quote
An email I received:

Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 18:45:02 -0500 (Central Daylight Time)
Subject: Gun Control Has Begun in the U. S. Military..
To: undisclosed-recipients



I am an 11B currently assigned at Fort Campbell. I live off post, with my
firearms (which I don't bring on post for any reason). A very frightening
thing happened at work yesterday. I was ordered to fill out a list
containing my firearm information. This included make, model, caliber, and
serial number of all firearms I currently posses. In addition, I was also
required to list registration information, location of all weapons
individually, and information regarding any CCW permits I posses. If you
are like me, then the people you work with know you have firearms. So I
had to list at least some. I tried to talk to my 1sg (who is normally
approachable through proper channels) to find out what this is for, and I
was basically told, "I don't give a ! &@%, just put your info on the form."
I don't know how high this goes, but I am hearing that this is going on in
other units at Fort Campbell as well. It just seems a little coincidental to
me that within 90 days: the most anti-firearm President in history is
inaugurated, some of the nastiest anti-firearm laws are put on the table
in Washington, and then the Army comes around wanting what amounts
to a registration on all firearms even if they are off post, and doesn't
provide any reason or purpose as to why. I fear something really nasty is
blowing in the wind here. I have been in almost 8 years, and never have
any of my units asked for this information. If any of you out there have
any info as to what all this crap is about please chime in. Otherwise consider
yourself warned. I have already posted this on every other firearm forum I
am a member of to get the word out.

Here it is folks.

NOTE: There is a copy of the orders attached to the email. I'll only post if it is absolutely necessary.
da Redbone

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Political correctness sucks.
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i'll answer this one...

irrespective of what other members(or people in general) think of this type of so-called propaganda, there IS a subtle, almost unnoticable move towards socialism, marxism, communism or whatever you fancy.

bigger govt IS well on its way, like it or not. it disappoints me that some members here, which i believe to be mostly responsible consumers, would call this political garbage.

democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, libertarian, green, whatever. aren't we here to be fiscally responsible and save money? these new executive and legislative branches want more of your money and more control over you!

if europe and any of the rest of the world appreciates socialism, fine, no problem or issues w/ that. BUT, each nation has its own idenity. NOT HERE, NOT NOW.

give Shatto a little slack guys and gals, he just loves his country. and i agree w/ him on a great many things. this is my only social network on the web(i don't have time for non-money saving sites ), so please keep them coming Shatto!

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Should have said "Fellow Nuts"...
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