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Got pulled over on Monday

Got pulled over Monday, clocked 68 in a 55 coming back from the range (first time I've been pulled over in more than 9 years, and consider 5mph over the limit speeding - I'm shocked my car can go over 65 mph with it's clutch issues).

I interrupted the officer's greeting and informed the officer (even though I didn't have to in KY), location of the carry pistol, explained license is in the left hip pocket, trunk has an AR, shotgun, and a .22LR pistol in it, and asked if there were any specific instructions that he would like me to follow, hands on the steering wheel the whole time. I was politely asked to remove my wallet with my left hand and hand over my driver's license and CHL, and to place the loaded pistol on the passenger seat and step a bit off the road. I was then informed that if they both are returned as valid then I just need to keep a better eye on the speedometer.

No problems at all - and I honestly didn't want to sit in the car either. I walked about 30 feet away from the road and the officer handed me back both licenses, and thanked me for informing him. We shook hands, he asked what kind of Kahr and AR15 I had, we talked a little, and he was kind enough to block the right lane long enough for me to get up to speed.

All in all, an A+ job by the officer.

This morning I sent this email to the chief of police in Covington:

Chief Russo,

On Monday 4/27/09 I was pulled over on KY17 for doing 68mph in a 55mph zone, and pulled over by one of your officers. I did not think at the time to remember his last name, and I'm sure that a description of a tall officer with brown hair wearing sunglasses driving a white cruiser won't help out at all.

All joking aside, this is the first time I had been pulled over in almost 10 years, and is the first time I can recall speeding in that same time frame. The officer was polite and upfront, and was not taken aback when I informed him that I have a valid Ohio concealed handgun license and that I have my firearm on my right hip with my wallet in my left hip pocket. The officer asked me to disarm and leave the vehicle while he verified my driver's license and Ohio CHL.

Needless to say I was nervous as a college student facing unseen potential fiscal hardships and being pulled over for the first time in almost 10 years - not to mention that this is the first police interaction I have had since I received my Ohio CHL in about 2.5 years.

We have all heard the horror stories from people about their treatment by police officers. Sadly, even though those cases are overwhelmingly minute compared to most interactions, those instances tend to get the most face time with the general public and in our nightly news.

I want to take the time to thank this officer, whoever he is, for the way I was treated. Feel free to share this with your officers or pin it on a cork board if you feel that it is appropriate.

Stay safe out there,

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Good to hear.
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