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Junky French Car


I use and talk about, but don't sell Amsoil.
Who is shatto?
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???? is confused....

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If your a 2.5 million dollars carbon fibre car that hit a wall at 145, you'd look pretty bad too! Renault is the little team that could, after 7 years of Ferrari domination, Renault kicked Ferrari *** twice in a row. Renaults Le Car came in the late 70's to join the new hatch back wars, with Rabbit, Fiesta, Mazda, Dodge, Chevette. I got a chance to drive one, it was a tin can and had a moped-esque speedometer. Take the same Le Car, drop in the 2 litre turbo engine, add wide tires and you have a missle called the R5. Or go backwards in time and take a look at the Citroen 2CV, the first front wheel drive mass produced economy car. A 2 cylinder air cooled with 600 to 800 cc engines.

The French car companies, much like the Italian car companies are strangly absent in America, with the exception of Renault building cars for Nissan. Peugeot, known for its relaibility hasn't been imported since the 70's. Fiat and Alfa Romeo are also not imported, strange. The old Yugo moniker had I believe Fiat engines in them, we have 3 car companies from North Korea and the European car companies only give us German and English cars, Ford makes Volvo and Chevy makes Saab, now Vaux Hall and Opel makes Saturn for us. Fords Fiesta back in late 70's had an English engine, French transmission and a German stamped body, go figgur. China has been trying to import cars to America for years, I wonder what they have?

Could America open a 4th car company? An economy based peoples car company to rival the VW bug?
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I don't know about the engine, but the Yugo body was an old Fiat design.

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The absence of French autos here isn't that strange. We didn't buy many of them, and it became too expensive for the mfrs to meet our safety and emissions requirements v. the few Citroens, Peugeots, and Renaults they sold. Their swan song was the AMC Alliance (a rebadged Renault) being MT's Car of the Year in 1983.
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Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Could America open a 4th car company? An economy based peoples car company to rival the VW bug?
GM did it with Saturn, but succumbed to size/power/feature creep and finally platform-sharing.

Toyota did it with Scion, putting a hip twist on it, but succumbed to the same pressures even more quickly than Saturn did.

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