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Spade, I rescued it about two years ago for $900. It was impounded for parking tickets. Its fun to drive and i keep it as a back up car. Had 171k on it when i got it, 189k on it now. I have it running like a sewing machine. No smoke, tight compression. the 240sx is an automatic with a ungodly overdrive. Hope you find one, there are lots of them here in the Los Angeles area.

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1985 Chevy Chevette CS 1.6L 4 cyl Auto (Not on the road)
1993 Honda Civic LX 1.5L 4 cyl Auto
2002 Honda Civic LX 1.7L 4 cyl Auto (Daily Driver)

(Only 22, I'll have a lot more in my lifetime)

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This will be a different sort of list than most I've seen since I just recently decided gas was getting too expensive to go fast. I started driving in 1990 and remember like it was yesterday how disappointed I was the day gas krept over $1.00 per gallon.

Listed first to last. Some of these were second or third cars used only during the summer months:

'72 Chevy Chevelle Malibu
'83 Chevy S-10
'85 Honda CRX HF
'86 VW GTI
'95 VW GTI VR6
'56 Chevy 210 2-door post, 283
'67 Pontiac Firebird 326
'96 Toyota Tacoma Extended cab V6 4WD
'61/'62 Triumph TR4 (there were enough parts left from 2 ratty cars to build 1 slightly less ratty car)
'01 Toyota Tundra Limited 4WD
'86 Porsche 911
'99 Audi A6 Avant Quattro
'01 Audi A4 2.8 Quattro
'03 Honda Odyssey
'05 Honda Civic LX

We currently own the two bolded vehicles but are working to put another european (911 or e30 BMW) in the garage for those days that I care about fun more than fuel economy.
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1965 Chevy Impala First car - 1974
1965 Ford Mustang Bought for $250 in 1974
1971 Chevy Vega
1970 Chevy Camaro
1972 Pontiac TransAm
1972 Pontiac GranPrix
1967 MG MGB-GT
1968 Pontiac Firebird
1969 Pontiac Firebird
1972 Honda Z600
1971 Honda N600
1975 Fiat X1/9
1979 Fiat X1/9
1976 Fiat Sedan
1969 Ford Bronco
1976 Chevy C/20 Van
1976 Datsun 280Z
1975 Jensen Healy
1976 Honda Civic Custom built turbo setup
1978 Datsun 280Z
1972 Chevy Blazer put about 50 miles per year on it
1978 Ford F-250
1979 Honda Accord
1980 Honda Accord
1984 Suburu GL-10
1978 Datsun 280Z Put in a 350 chevy engine and 5spd ? got 20mpg
1981 Dodge Motorhome
1991 Geo Tracker
1966 Ford Mustang
1991 Honda Civic Std hatch
1989 Honda Civic Std hatch
1990 Honda Civic Current DD. Installed D15Z1 and hf transmission
1979 MG MGB Just finished a V6 install

I still have the 4 bolded vehicles and don't plan on changing anything anytime soon. I've always preferred small cars, although I'm 6'5" and 250#. Go figure
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In order of ownership:

1962 Dodge Dart with a slant six, drove the crap out of it!
1965 Plymouth Valiant ex-wife got it...good running car, another slant six
1949 Studebaker 1 ton flatbed truck
1951 Studebaker 1/2 ton pickup w/overdrive...great on the highway
1959 Chrysler Imperial...power everything, sure wish I still had this!
1964 VW convertible...couldn't get it to run right
1973 Chevy LUV pickup....good little pickup
1982 Jeep CJ8...first new vehicle, drove it for a long time
1986 Jeep Cherokee......4 cyl manual, had problems with this one
1991 Olds Silhoutte....great car, put lots of miles on this one
1994 Ford Explorer...replaced lots of parts, but my wife likes it..still driving it.
1992 Honda Civic VX...my first "econo" car...still going, after engine/trans swap.
1994 Honda Civic CX...my daughter's car, engine overhauled, new paint, still going strong.
2003 Ford Ranger pickup...my son's ride, 6cyl manual, does OK on gas.
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'74 Cutlass Supreme
'89 Mustang GT (funnest car to drive)
'86 Toyota Supra (solid and very balance handling)
'87 Caprice Classic (went 327,000 miles with no internal engine repairs)
'81 Mazda GLC
'92 Mercury Grand Marquis
'78 F-150 (Best trucks ever made)
'04 Mazda3 (Great car!)

'90 Kawasaki zx-10 (stupid fast)
'04 Honda VFR800 (all time favorite mode of transportation)

Current vehicles
'94 Silverado (Most reliable, easy to work on, longest length of ownership, 7 years)
'99 4 Runner (highest quality vehicle I've owned) wifes DD
'07 Hyundai Elantra (my DD)
What would Ron Paul do?
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This is a fun thread, its interesting reading others cars...

I will list mine by year.
1951 Ford Cabover F-6 dump truck
1951 Ford Cabover F-6 (future car hauler project)
1952 International L-160 grain truck
1963 Econoline Van (302/c4/9")
1965 Econoline Pickup (parts)
1969 Mustang Fastback (331 stroker)
1971 Mustang Convertable (351C)
1973 Ford Bronco (35s, 351w)
1976 Ford Bronco (parts)
1984 Mustang SVO (2.3T)
1987 Lincoln Mark VII (retired to parts)
1996 Mercury Villager
1997 F250 (Powerstroke)
1998 Ford Contour
1999 Kawasaki Ninja 500
2002 Mustang GT

No need to bold, this is a list of the current vehicles I have... It would take a long time to compile a list all the past vehicles, plus most of my past vehicles aren't that interesting, I have kept most of the good ones (I am in my mid 30's, so the first couple dozen cars I have had were mostly boring 80s cars). Oh, and the cars are mostly a hobby, I work a desk job so I have no way of justifying things like the old trucks except they are cool and fun to work on.

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1971 Ford F-100 Custom (came with 300 six cylinder, but we swapped in a 302) - body rusted off of it.

1991 Toyota Carolla - gave to my dad who sold it. (guy he sold it to still drives it with 400+k miles)

1989 Mazda b2200 - cracked a head and sold it

1993 Saturn SC-2 - (was supercharged at one time) traded in at 220k for a Galant

1969 Ford F-350 w/ a 390. (removed flatbed and installed log bunk. used it for hauling short wood when i owned my business.) - sold

1970 Chevy K-15 flatbed w/ 350 (another work truck. hauled my tractor and small log trailer)

2003 Mitsubushi Galant - got in a fender bender and insurance company totaled it

2000 Chevy Cavalier - current daily driver


1969 Plymouth GTX w/ 426. Rescued from junkyard. finnished bodywork and engine rebuild before selling to a guy who turned it into a drag car

1962 Chevy C-? stepside pickup. recieved as payment for removing a tree next to a guy's house. still have it at my property in alabama. restore is about 30%

currently looking for a 1985 Toyota Carolla 1.8l Diesel.
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66 VW Beetle - first car!
86 VW Golf
67 VW Beetle
02 VW Golf (do you see a pattern?)
Gave up on late-model VW and now the proud owner of a...
94 Civic VX

I would like to have another bug someday, though.
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92 Integra LS, 5 Speed: Great Car
04 Corolla CE, Auto: Stripped & awesome!
04 Corolla LE, Auto: a little too boring for me...
04 Matrix XR, 5 Speed: Bought it last month... its an awesome little car.

"We are only as sick as our secrets"
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