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someone up there is lookin for a suburban, lol as am i. i dunno why ive always liked them. even tho yea they get crud for mileage it would still be fun to own something that has more than 4 cyl...or an older jeep wrangler but those are expensive as hell around here.

altho i am partial to ye old chevette, gonna go take a look at another one tommorow

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1971 VW "super"Beetle 1776CC pistons and jugs.(Sold)

1964 Ford Falcon Futura 289 K code C-6 9" rear 24x9.5x15 slicks (slammed the wall at 95 MPH shortly after the 1000 ft mark from a little antifreeze noone knew about)

1988 Ford Bronco II 2.9L V-6 headers , solid front axle swap , 35" tires on 3" suspension lift with alot of body trimming.(sold)

1991 Nissan Sentra 1.6L headers fully stripped (1957 lbs without driver 1/2 tank of gas) few "tricks" for a little more power. (rolled at 65 mph when my brother was driving it in the rain)

1985 Mercury cougar 2.3T "mildy built" about 350 HP on factory bottom end until over boost issue, rebuilt engine fromt he ground up and was pushing 425.(sold after maintenece got to be too much)

1986 Ranger 2.9L v-6 (Stripped for parts)

1986 Jeep Cherokee 2.8L V-6 (chevy)(sold to salvage yard after throwing a rod)

1994 Crown Vic 4.6L V-8 from mustang GT superchips tuned CVPI ECU , headers 3" exhaust through flowmasters bbk cams , 4.10s gears.(sold to cop as a personal vehicle)

1999 F-150 4.6 all stock work truck drove until totalled at 245,000 miles with only regular maintence, no hard parts at all.(as said totalled)

1992 ford tempo 3.0 V-6 went through 3 used transmissions untilmy wife wrecked that for me. (totalled by wife)

1964 F-100 292 V-8 3 on the tree(currently for sale)

1994 mitsubitshi diamante 3.0 SOHC V-6 previous family car bought used with 180,000 miles on the odometer drove until it was registering 265,000 sold it for $600 and its still on the road. (sold needed something larger)

1992 dodge d-150 2wd 318 V-8 (sold to father he needed a cheap farm truck)

1980 toyota corolla wagon 1.8 4 cyl(still have going to strip for parts)

1999 ford windstar 3.0 DOHC 24 valve V-6 (currently family ride)

1986 F-250 4wd longbed truck 351W 4WD (have for towing anything that needs to be towed)

1979 toyota corolla coupe 1.2L 4cyl 4 spd (DD and FEcar)

1981 toyota corolla sedan 1.8L (soon to be swapped to a 2.3T)(will e my race car. 4 link in the rear is complete QA-1 coilovers, willbe swapping to a ford 8.8" rear.)

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I'm 27, and started driving in late 1998. Here's the list. I have included my observed mpg as well.

1986 Ford Tempo LX: 2.3L I-4 (throttle body), 3-speed auto. Bought 4/1999 for $2,200 with 47,000 miles. Sold 12/2000 with 60,000 miles for $1,750. This thing was a steaming pile of crap. I replaced every moving part on this thing, along with numerous non-moving parts. Still, it was my first car, and I babied the thing. 98 hp, 16 city, 24 highway

1988 Honda Accord LX: 2.0L I-4 (2-barrel carb), 5-speed manual. Bought 11/2000 for $1,500 with 230,000 miles. Sold 8/2003 with 277,000 miles. Awesome car. Comfortable, quiet, and reliable. The seats were fantastic: I drove from Indiana to Florida straight through (one tank!!), and had no aches. Broke the glove box door and replaced the thermostat and choke. That's about it. 98 hp, 28 city, 36-40 highway.

1995 Honda del Sol S: 1.5L I-4, 5-speed manual. Bought 7/2003 for $5,600 with 61,000 miles. Sold to my uncle 1/2005 with 87,000 miles for $5,000. This was the base model. Awesome car, no problems, very fun to drive. I fit in this car better than any other I've ever driven. My uncle still has it. 102 hp, 36 city, 47 highway.

1999 Honda Civic Si: 1.6L I-4, 5-speed manual. Bought 5/2005 for $9,300 with 87,000 miles. Sold to my brother 10/2007 with 132,000 miles for $5,000. Most fun car I've ever owned. Unbelievable handling. The car was lowered 2 inches, had stiffer springs and shocks, thicker anti-roll bars and suspension bushings, cross-drilled and slotted rotors, 17x7 wheels and sticky BFG G-Force tires, a strut tower brace, a DC Sports cold air intake, 4-2-1 header, and exhaust, lightweight flywheel, stage III clutch (just try to keep the clutch pressed in through an entire red light!), short-throw shifter, and some mild cosmetic upgrades. That car would absolutely scream at 8,500 RPM. Best-sounding 4-cylinder I've ever heard. Everybody tried to race it from a stoplight. I beat a BMW 330i from the same stoplight to 100+ mph 3 days in a row in this car. I got pulled over in it going 136 on the Lloyd Expressway in Evansville in it. (My wife wasn't too happy.) My brother still owns the car. I miss it. 220 hp (est.), 25-27 city, 32-36 highway.

2005 Honda Civic Si: 2.0L I-4, 5-speed manual. Bought 10/2007 for $15,200 (including 100,000 mile B2B warranty) with 16,000 miles. Great car thus far. Not as much fun as the del Sol or my old Si, but relatively quiet, reliable, and comfortable. See Quack the Blue Duck in the garage for details. 177 hp (est.), 26 city, 34 highway.

1995 Honda Civic VX: 1.5L I-4, 5-speed manual. Bought 2/2008 for $1,300 with 194,000 miles. Great car. See Red Round in the garage for details. 92 hp, 45-50 city, 55-66 highway.
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1. '00 Ford Focus ZTS sedan. @,0l DOHC 16v I4, 4-speed auto. Nice car but had a lot of niggling problems, even at only 12k miles when I sold it.

2. '68 Mustang Hardtop. 302 V8, c4 auto. The most bulletproof reliable car I've owned. Could have performed a lot better, but always did everything I asked of it without question, and vintage Mustangs are bar none the easiest cars on the planet for which to find parts.

3. '92 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer edition, 302 V8, E4OD transmission. GREAT truck, and although I hate EFI, this may be the best vehicle I've ever owned. Amazingly comfortable seats, decent FE considering its age and weight (~13,5 average, ~18-19 highway), and at 120k miles had no problems aside from a busted passenger window motor. I can also attest to its safety. It met a large tree it didn't like at 55mph and I walked away with no injury whatsoever. I could even still open the door. Take that, airbags.

4. '99 Dodge Ram Wagon 1500 Conversion Van by Legend. 360ci V8, 4-speed auto. Awful FE, but pretty comfortable. At times I miss it, at others I I think I should have bought the '95 F150 Eddie Bauer with 300I6 and 5-speed I passed up in favour of this van.

5. '04 Focus SVT 3-door. Nice little car, but overrated in its performance and like my previous Focus had a lot of niggling problems. Its tuned, high-revving 2,0l 16v 4-banger with 6-speed delivered poor FE in-town (21ish), but was great on the highway and on long trips, knocking down 35+mpg with little to no effort, showing superb stability, and a comfortable ride/handling quotient.

6. '67 Mustang Convertible. Despite being of the same design cycle as my '68, it's had a lot of little problems, though none of them strictly mechanical. Great-looking, simple, top-down fun and capable of over 20mpg on the highway makes this car a winner.
'67 Mustang - out of commission after an accident
'00 Echo - DD
'11 Kia Rio - Wife's DD
'09 Harley Nightster - 48mpg and 1/4 miles in the 12's
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Originally Posted by Jay2TheRescue View Post
What's with all the scrapped & impounded cars? Personally I've never scrapped a car, (and I've had some old, ugly cars, but I kept them running well) and I've never had a car impounded either.

Scrappage reasons

80 Civic was bought not running and scrapped for (a small) profit
79 Town & Country was scrapped for burned valves and a bad starter
76 Marquis was scrapped for engine wiring harness fire and a bad starter
87 Turismo was bought not running and scrapped for another small profit
75 Torino burned so I had to scrap it
80 Caprice was more or less traded to a junkyard for the 79 LeBaron that ran
67 F-100 was given to a friend in lieu of unpaid rent, HE scrapped it
78 Impala was scrapped due to overheating issues
85 Scirocco was scrapped because it was bought wrecked to help a friend
89 Tercel was sold for parts/scrapped due to overheating issues
89 Caprice was bought with no M/T, was actually impounded, not scrapped*
89 Aerostar had a knocking engine and bad trans, scrapped for profit
84 98 blew transmission after 26 miles of driving, I gave up on it
86 Civic blew head gasket after 600 miles of driving, I gave up on it
89 Tercel was sold for parts/scrapped due to no compression
89 Voyager was scrapped for M/T mounts and engine cradle rot
89 Celebrity was scrapped due to no title from selling dealer
89 Ciera was scrapped due to oil pump failure
89 Celebrity was scrapped due to head gasket failure

Impoundment reasons

88 Shadow impounded by hoity-toity Upper Arlington, Ohio police claiming it was illegal for me to drive without the hood on
89 Century impounded because since I had a badly signed (un-notarized) title, I couldn't get registration
87 Celebrity was abandoned after I stripped it for parts for the no title 89 Celebrity above, it was impounded on purpose because no junkyard would give me anything for it or even bother to come pick it up
84 Caprice impounded because while out of town, the City of Dallas turned the street it was parked on into a No Parking Zone, with no prior notice
86 Volvo 740 was impounded by an apartment complex and I had nowhere else to put it, couldn't afford to fix its transmission electrical problems, so I gave up on it, let them have that one while I worked to keep my 95 Century and 70 F-100 (the truck which was later stolen)

* I never got around to putting an engine in the 9C1, it was given to me for free and I spent $80 or so to tow it home, and I had found a 350 TBI and a 700R4 just never saved up the money to buy it and have it put in, and the community towed it off before I had the chance to do anything about it

Originally Posted by Project84
It would seem you've owned nothing but dull cars... a lot of them!

For someone as yourself, if you were say, my neighbor, I'd just toss you the keys to my Z28 and say, "You break it, you buy it."

I'm 100% positive it would change your life. lol
I LOVE my dull cars. I wouldn't want anything else. When I wrecked the 1993 Dynasty the first time, I thought my insurance was going to total it out. I went to Ricart and spent two weeks driving a 1993 Mustang GT, cherry red on black, sunroof, 5-speed, all decked out with chrome Ponies and tint. I thought it was great. I could afford the $1800 down payment and $8995 asking price *IF* I didn't have the note on the Dynasty. When my insurance company presented me with my options, I knew I had to give the Mustang back. If they totaled the Dynasty, I would have been left with owing $2400 on the note because I was upside down. That was my down payment money for the Mustang. So I had to have the Dynasty fixed and I had to give the Mustang back to Ricart. That was a sad day. The best they could have done with the $2400 outstanding was have me put $3300 down, $2400 to cover the old note, and $900 as half the down payment on the Mustang. I couldn't do it because I didn't have $3300 to spend. I had $2400 but I didn't want to be without a car. I should have gone ahead and totaled it out and bought another cheap cash beater.

For what it's worth, the Mustang was fun to drive for those two weeks, and I put a thousand miles on it in that time, but the $900 '67 Ford pickup I got with my extra cash instead was just as much fun, was more obnoxious to my neighbors, and I never got any tickets in that truck, whereas in the Mustang I would have been an obvious target for cops. I had that Dynasty for another 60,000 miles after the wreck and I replaced it after a second wreck with a 1992 model, same colors, same options, just like it, which I put another 30,000 miles on before the repo.

I have more cars to add to this list:

#59 1999 Ford Taurus SE, wife's car at the time, 3.0/auto, paid too much, repo'd
#60 1976 Ford Gran Torino, my DD, 351M/auto, $355, still own
#61 2000 Dodge Durango, wife's DD, 318/auto, $1700, still own
#62 1988 Buick Electra Estate Wagon, 307/auto, paid $600, sold for $450
#63 1990 Pontiac Trans Sport, 3.1/auto, paid $250, sold for $500 for profit
#64 1976 Ford Gran Torino wagon, parts car for my sedan, paid $200, still have it

I am currently shopping for a beater pickup truck and a small fuel-efficient car, but until I actually have cash in hand for both of them, I'm not really doing serious searching. If I find a $200-$500 beater which fits either need, I'll pick it up, but I'd rather spend $700-$1000 on the truck (it WILL be another 67-72 Ford) and $1500 on the little car (SOHC Saturn or a 97+ Escort are my top picks) so I'll keep saving money.
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Just read my list from almost two years ago! Here's a couple of the cars I forgot (for what it's worth...)

1972: A 1961 Corvair Station Wagon. Actually not mine per se, but my parents were no longer driving it (it leaked oil, smoked, had a rusted out floor, vapor locked, cracked windshield and right rear was stove in from where a VW had hit it back in late '65). Always thought another one, fitted with a '65-'66 180 hp turbo engine and later rear suspension would be a lot of fun...about 15 mpg and 50 miles per quart of oil.

1984-85: A 1959 AMC (Nash?) Ambassador. Given to me by a friend who owned a used car lot, I think because he felt guilty for "losing" my 1972 Triumph 650 bike, after he agreed to rebuild the engine. Never could get it to run, got tired of paying storage fees on it, and had too many other irons in the fire at that time, so I gave it to another friend, who eventually traded it and another car for an early '60s Mercury Comet. Unknown mpg.
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I have a few more to add to my list

65) 1990 Olds Ciera sedan, 3.3/auto, paid $225, scrapped $160
66) 1998 Olds Silhouette minivan, 3.4/auto, paid $400, scrapped $350
67) 2000 Chevy Suburban, 5.3/auto, paid $3100, still own
68) 2001 Chevy Cavalier sedan, 2.2/auto, paid $475, sold $700
69) 1995 Olds Ciera sedan, 3.1/auto, inherited, still own

sold the Durango for $1300, scrapped the Torino wagon shell for $100 after parting it out

I'm about to buy a Yugo to be #70. Red '88 GV, shift knob has 5-speed pattern on it but I'm not sure it's a 5-speed, think it is 4-speed. It runs and drives, needs the carb rebuilt, and some kids smashed the windshield so it's been parked awhile. $400 car though, and if I can get it tuned up well, avoid using the AC (if it works at all, if not it's coming off), and maybe change the final drive ratio in the transmission, it could be 40+mpg easy.
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From what I understand, the Yugo was plagued with problems because the engine blocks were made from poor quality metal, and they were prone to excessive wear. I'm shocked you found one that still runs.

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I am updating my list:

1986 Fort Tempo LX 4-Door Automatic
04/1998 12/2000
47,800 60,500

1988 Honda Accord LX 4-Door Manual
11/2000 08/2003
230,750 277,850

1995 Honda del Sol S Manual
7/2003 1/2005
61,301 87,553

1999 Honda Civic Si
6/2005 10/2007
87,360 132,320

2005 Honda Civic Si
10/2007 4/7/2011
16,077 70,461

1995 Honda Civic VX
2/2008 7/24/2010
194,983 234,076

20010 Honda Fit Sport Manual

2008 Honda Civic Si 4-Door
4/7/2011 12/1/2011
34,641 45,540

1996 Chevrolet C1500 W/T 2WD Regular Cab Long Bed V6 Automatic
8/1/2011 9/3/2012
267,484 274,594

1995 Honda del Sol S Manual
11/29/2011 6/17/2013
131,794 152,350

1987 Honda CRX Si Manual
5/20/2012 6/16/2012
190,603 190,603

1998 GMC Sierra C1500 SLE 2WD Regular Cab Long Bed 5.7L V8 Automatic

2007 Honda Accord EX-L 4-Door V6 Manual
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Here's my list -

2008 VW Touareg
1999 Ford explorer (farmers special, v 6, stick, rubber floors, manual crank windows)
1994 Nissan pathfinder
1992 Subaru legacy wagon (still on the road)
1987 Nissan PU - Still Driving this one!
1982 Mazda 323 wagon
1977 Renault le car - burned in dealership fire (in for repairs, again.... )
1968 VW beetle (white) - changed a lotta heater boxes on these two
1968 VW beetle (blue)
1974 Thunderbird - burned on the side of the garden state parkway
1971 VW 411 (my favorite - burned on the side of the PA turnpike)

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