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Lack of interest from Ford Customer Care

I ordered a new Ford Mondeo/Fusion 2015 ….. high spec Titanium which has Synch 2 with the Sound System in the car.

Sounds great?

Well, I had to pay €500 extra to get the Sat Nav.

I figured very expensive for a Sat Nav… but I am sure it will be nice to have the Sat Nav within the central console.

When the car was delivered, I was really looking forward to it, as I had to wait many weeks for it after making the order.

When it arrived, there were options missing that I had ordered. I also could not get the USB drive to work with the Audio system.

And a small plastic envelope in the glove compartment stating Sat Nav updates were not included in the price of the Sat Nav…and when I inquired, was eventually told it would cost €270 per update.

There was no urgency on the part of any Ford people I contacted to rectify the missing options in the car, or to try to get the information to get the USN drive working with the audio system.

I have been trying to contact Ford Customer Care about this…. but no response yet.

How can Ford treat their customers like this?

Ex- Ford Customer,

PS Customer Care Supervisor Claire Lane finally contacted me after 5 days, and said “I can fully understand your frustration if you were not aware of the additional costs associated with this but unfortunately, that is the nature of this type of product.” She was not interested I hearing about how the Ford Sales Person had sold any of the options… but was simply closing the door on the issues that I had, and did not even ask about the options which had not been installed on the car…and still are not 6 weeks after buying it.

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Updates are usually not included with in dash navigation. That's why I intentionally bought a vehicle that didn't have it. I use my Android smartphone with either Waze or Google Maps. Not only are they free, but always up to date.

I would think Ford would at least help you with correcting the missing options though. I'm in the US, and not really familiar with the intricacies of the UK court system, but since the US courts are based on English common law, I would assume that if you had to, you could take the dealer to court, requesting either the vehicle you ordered, or have the dealer install the missing options.


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If you've already signed and paid for the car, then they persume you're happy with your purchase, it might be too late. I would write a long letter to customer services, try joining a Ford Forum in the UK and getting some address or phone number details, and express your feelings. You might get a free service or a few vouchers at best, but it's worth a try.
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He has:
Lack Of Interest From Ford Customer Care - Ford Mondeo Club - Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums

I'm curious why join Fuelly only to rant about a specific Dealership. A dealership you didn't even mention if your intentions were to review your particular experience with.

Why not take it up with the GM of that dealership?

I would not have drove off with the car if it wasn't exactly as ordered/payed for.

If I order a double cheeseburger with pickles and when they hand it to me, there are no pickles, and I had paid an extra $500 specifically for pickles, I promise you no matter how hungry I was, I would not accept the burger.

I can understand your frustration, but this boils down to common sense. Dealerships main focus is to sell you a product and make money. If you don't like said product, or the price they are wanting, you aren't committed to stay/buy.
You're obviously much more patient than I am however. I wouldn't have waited this long without getting a product I purchased exactly as intended.

Good luck!
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Thanks for all your suggestions...and even for listening.

I did post on the dealership Facebook page as suggested... except the post is not displayed on their timeline... but in an out of the way place.

I finally got through to someone in Customer Care who appeared to listen, and already the dealer is sending someone to pick up the car tomorrow to install the missing options which had arrived in the meantime. Big change from me having to take time off work to drive 130 miles to their dealership to have them retro fitted.

Since then the parking sensors have failed they will check all that when at the dealer... in case jump starting the car did some damage. I did not mention that we got back from holidays last Saturday and could not get into the car as apparently the car disables the electronics when left unattended for a few weeks. And the dealer had not put the blade key inside the electronic key... so I had to borrow car to get my family home 130 miles and drive back next day with the blade key to gain entry... but then had to jump start it.

I won't bore you with more details... but this has turned into a very bad dream... instead of a wonderful experience buying a new car.

It will be some time before I discover whether the customer care guy will offer some compensation to help me get over the series of mistakes and terrible bad customer service.

I will update this post as I hear back from them.

Best Wishes,
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