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Model analyzer for Excel

I'm not really sure what this is, but it seems like something that would be interesting for some of the folks here...
Giveaway of the Day - Model Analyzer for Excel

March 30, 2009
Build, analyze and manage multiple scenarios to any model quickly, easily and without having to make changes in the logic of your models.

Perform a sensitivity analysis and determine the impact of variables using Tornado Graphics, Spider Graphics and Sensitivity Tables. Perform a goal seek analysis or instantly determine equilibrium points for several periods and/or scenarios.
Every day, the Giveaway of the Day site gives away a piece of shareware/commercial software along with a license key. It's pretty easy, you download it, run the installer, and while installing a text box pops up with registration info for you to paste into the program. Just be sure to un-check the options for installing bookmarks or changing your homepage or whatever they are.

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Fantastic! Thanks a lot. I've been using Excel for osx, but after a little searching I found my Office 2000 installation CD for windows. Fortunately, Model Analyzer goes back that far.

I forgot how annoying Clippy was!


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I love that site. I always miss it on the weekends tho when they have a new game giveaway. A few of those i'da actually wanted.

Works in Windows 7. Winner!
- Kyle
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