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Moped insurance

Uhh might sound odd and i dont know if anyone on here owns a moped but:

How much is moped insurance typically? I have a way to get one for essentially free but want to know if its worth it.

in IL i do not need a motorcycle license since its less than 100CC

i DO need license plate, registration, and insurance on it. license plate and registration is pretty cheap, but i dunno about moped insurance...that and having all the lights, etc to make it street legal.

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I say to get it. you only need insurance if you put it on the road. if you decide it isn't worth the trouble, you have a really REALLY small dirt bike.

always fun to have a small project.

here in NC, if it is over 50ccs then it is considered a motorcycle and then you have to have the lisince and all along with all the tags and such. under 50ccs and you are good without any of that. I think they are also limited to 35 mph or something too.

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maybe it is 50cc... yoea same here too it is 50cc in IL

yea most mopeds go about 40 if that. i just want it to put around campus and campus area(speed limits are 30 in fastest area)
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